The Macedonian Tendency: Zoran Jolevski, Macedonia's New Man in Washington

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Zoran Jolevski, Macedonia's New Man in Washington

I don't know much about this guy, but he has hit all the right notes on Macedonia's relationship with Washington. If he can help to form a "Macedonian Issues Caucus" in the US Congress, it would be a great feat. Good luck Zoran!

"Interview of Macedonian Ambassador to US with Macedonian Radio"
Macedonian_News_Service : Message: Daily Bulletin:

Skopje, March 4 (MIA) - Lobbying for Macedonia's accession to NATO will be the top priority of the country's newly appointed Ambassador to the United States, Zoran Jolevski.

- Macedonia should present all of its trump cards, in particular the fact that it is a partner in the fight against terrorism. The US administration regards the country as a partner. Our achievements have been highly estimated, and the Government's economic reforms are also impressive, Jolevski says in an interview with the Macedonian Radio.

As an ambassador to the country that recognizes Macedonia's constitutional name, Jolevski is also planning to form a group of friendship at the US Congress, where the Greek lobby has been also rather active.

- The US foreign policy is consistent, which also refers to the name issue. At all of my meeting I will present the arguments why Macedonia is entitled to preserve its constitutional name that belongs to the country according to all international conventions, Jolevski says.

The Ambassador's priorities also include further development of the relations with Macedonians living in the US and Canada, as well as boosting the cooperation between Macedonian and"

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