The Macedonian Tendency: February 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Venizelos to Lagarde - Lets Make Love, You Bring the 130 Billion, I'll Bring the Wine!

Lagarde  and Venizelos 
Venizelos : 
After you give me the cheque for 130 billion Euros, we will go back to my place and make love ... the Greek way.

Sounds good to me ...  its not my pension cheque. Just make sure you bring the wine.

I will bring the best Greek has to offer.

I said WINE, not drain cleaner!

Oh! Sorry, my mistake!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gruevski: "I seek the support of the Chancellor"

Macedonia is fighting in the name dispute with Greece over its identity.Which holds the EU accession of the country - President Gruevski asks Germany for help now.
The official title is President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.Nikola Gruevski is 42 years old and ruled for five years, the Balkan country.
PHOTO: PICTURE ALLIANCE / BREUEL-BILD/BREUEL-BILDNikola Gruevski and Angela Merkel. Germany is a major trade partners of Macedonia
BBC News: Mr. President, welcome to Berlin. What brings you here?
Nikola Gruevski: I seek the support of the Chancellor of our most important national concern.
BBC News: What's that?
Gruevski: Our accession to NATO and the EU is being held up for far too long by the name dispute. He is vital to our economy, as well as for sedation in the Western Balkans.
BBC News: How so? Name, we say in German, is smoke and mirrors.
Gruevski: . But here it is about our identity Greece denies us the right to call ourselves the way we think is right and necessary: ​​Macedonia. We have the International Court of Justice on our side, who came in a long and thorough process already more than 10 years to the conclusion that we can be present in all international institutions under the name we have chosen after the disintegration of old Yugoslavia , in line with our history.
BBC News: You have the Skopje airport after Alexander International called the Great.
Gruevski: The Greeks call the airport of Thessaloniki "Macedonia".
BBC News: British and French live so long that the island called Great Britain, derived from the ancient name of Brittany, and it goes well. Can we learn something?
Gruevski: It takes two to tango.
BBC News: In Greece, the government has changed. Has this changed under the government of technocrats Professor Papademos something? He comes from the European Central Bank and is considered a realist.
Gruevski: Unfortunately, answering the question in the negative. The new Greek Prime Minister has clearly noted that the rules of the name issue is not one of his mandate. He probably has enough other problems. Since nothing moves. But we hope and stay tuned.
BBC News: Is there a plan B? Something like silent mediation diplomacy?
Gruevski: The Americans have in their Balkan policy, tried it, unfortunately without success. There were also contacted via the United Nations. But a breakthrough is in sight.
BBC News: And Germany?
Gruevski: The question is not first on the agenda.
BBC News: How are the economic relations with the EU?
Gruevski: As before, it is to enter our overriding national interest in the European Union and until then to do whatever promotes this fateful step.
BBC News: But is not there a mismatch: On the one hand and a prestigious name issue that is blocking everything, on the other hand, the economic life of the interest of your republic?
Gruevski: We can, when it comes to the question of our definition of our national self-consciousness goes, will not compromise.
BBC News: How long will it take for?
Gruevski: Five years? Probably longer.
BBC News: And what does Germany?
Gruevski: Germany is our main trading partners. We export with increasing success, wine, agricultural products, metals, textiles, also, because we are low-wage economy.
BBC News: And the economic relations with Greece?
Gruevski: Coming in third place. We note, however, increasingly, that Greek entrepreneurs are showing interest in investing on our side of the border.Firstly, this happens due to lower wages, but mainly because we do not have the bureaucratic hurdles, as opposed to our neighbor to the south has always been the business start-up and industrial growth.

"Jeopardy" Questions on Balkan History.

By David Edenden
These questions should be part of the "Joint History Project"

According to the memoirs of C. L. Sulzberger, in 1950, David Ben Gurion, invited ... which Communist Vice President ... of which country ...  to Israel, because, as a Deputy in the Parliament of the Young Turks, 1908 -1912, ... "he often spoke out in defense of the rights of the Jews, when Jewish members of Parliament were too cowed to speak" (Sulzberger's words). Including, apparently, the right of Ottoman Jews to move to Palestine. He died before he could go, but, his son wrote a book called "How I Saw Israel".

Which country did Christopher Hitchens want to wipe of the face of the map ... since April 1993. (hint ... not Israel)

In which country, did a major religious figure try to rally young people into a 50 bus convoy to destroy a newly opened radio station broadcasting ... in which minority language?

There is only one head of state, now deceased ... of which country ... who knelt down with President George W. Bush, in the Oval Office, and ..... PRAYED!

According to the US Sate Department ... which country is Pearl of the Balkans?

President George W. Bush, with the support of Powell, Rumsfeld and Rice recognized this country by its constitutional name rather by an acronym ... why?

In a dispute between two countries, there are a million US citizens of one country but only 40,000 of its rival. Which side did candidate Obama support? Why? Which side does Republican Foreign Relations Chair Ileana Ros-Lehtinen currently support? Why?

The family of the Prime Minister of this country hails from the province of the same name, of its rival. His father still lives there ... spooky! {correction: father lives in Skopje ... my mistake}

A UN mediator has been working on this dispute since 2000, 11 years and another mediator worked before him. How much money were these people paid over the lats 15 - 20 years?

This county is the birthplace of which 4 leading historical figures of of which neighboring counties.

According to Roger Ebert, a film from which country by, a first time director, should have won the 1994 Oscar for best foreign language film, but was given to Russia instead.

The Blessing and Curse of Macedonia

By David Edenden
The followng historical figures were born in Macedonia.

Considered by Greeks to be the greatest Greek ... Alexander the Great

Considered by Albanians to be the greatest  Albanian  ... Mother Teresa

Considered by Serbians to be the greatest Serbian ... Tsar Dushan

Considered by Bulgarians to be the greatest Bulgarian  ... Tsar Samuel

Not including any of the above, nominate greatest ethnic Macedonian.

Did you just eat a Luxembourger?

By David Edenden

Schaeuble to Venizelos: Did you just eat a Luxembourger?

I just came back from lunch.

Did you just eat a Luxembourger?

No . ... Oh ...  I get it ... Luxembourger  ... burger. I get it. I get it. You Germans have such a great sense of humour!  I have to go now ... Christine is waiting.

Excuse me if I don't get up.

That's funny .. Hasta la vista baby ... I mean ... see you later.

A Distraught Lagarde waits for Venizelos to Call

By David Edenden

Lagarde: "I swear if you don't call I'll ... "
Now that he has his 130 billion, Venizelos doesn't call anymore. A distraught Lagarde stands at the balcony, mournfully looks in the direction of Greece and ... sings ... The Ranking Family song ... "Borders and Time" .

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jean Claude Juncker, left, talks to Evangelos Venizelos

by David Edenden

Just an ethnic Macedonian causing mischief!

Then I'm going to take my gun and kill you till your dead!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Ethnic Macedonian's Proposal to Save Greece From Ruin

By David Edenden

The collapse of Greece is treatenening to take down the whole Balkans, including The Republic of Macedonia ... so here I am ... an ethnic Macedonian ... born in Greece ... to single handedly save Greece from ruin.
Get expatriates to come to Greece to form a new political party … “The Party of 300″  (in Sparta … for obvious reasons).  There are 300 seats in the Greek Parliament. 
The goal sweep away the entire political class since all share responsibility for driving Greece off a cliff. It will change Greek political culture, create growth and restore the social safety net … especially pensions. It will also renew a sense of trust between the EU and Greece.
Criteria for membership:
1. Must be from the diaspora (to minimize conflict of interest).
2. Must be able and willing to invest over 1 million Euros in Greek Bonds (yeah ... you read it right the first time).
Jennifer Aniston
3. Must be willing to work for 1 Euro per year with no “extras.
4. Must be willing to serve for only one term.

John Stamos
First law to be passed: All former elected politicians at the national and local level will be banned, for life, from running for office.
Second law passed: Form a Lustration Committee to investigate and prosecute political corruption for the last 20 years.
Contact Jennifer Aniston, John Stamos and other Greek celebrities to lend publicity and solidarity. Ask them to invest 1 million Euros in Greek Bonds ... how come this has not been suggested before. Why depend on the Germans.
At the local level Local political candidates of "The Party of 300" (also from the diaspora) for mayor and local councils need not invest 1 million Euros, but must be willing to serve for 1 Euro per year. Therefore they must have a verified  income (pension?) and serve for only one term.

Don't thank me now ... thank me latter.