The Macedonian Tendency: Novel - 'Snow in Casablanca'

Friday, March 16, 2007

Novel - 'Snow in Casablanca'

Another Macedonian novel ... in Macedonian

'Snow in Casablanca' receives 2006 award 'Novel of the Year'
Macedonian_News_Service : Message: Daily Bulletin: "'Snow in Casablanca' receives 2006 award 'Novel of the Year'

Skopje, March 15 (MIA) - Novel 'Snow in Casablanca' by Kica B. Kolbe, published by house 'Tri' has won 2006 literary award 'Novel of the Year' allocated by daily 'Utrinski Vesnik'.
'Snow in Casablanca' is a novel with a deep view into intimacy, but also critical openness towards the world. It is realistic and imaginary, a mosaic of memories and expectations. Kolbe's novel is another testimony about the destiny of the Macedonian refugee, who expresses her thoughts through work, assesses the selecting commission of 'Utrinski Vesnik'.
Kica B. Kolbe was born in Basino Selo in Macedonia in 1951, in a family of refugees from Aegean Macedonia. She studied philosophy at Skopje and Belgrade Universities. Kolbe has lived in Germany since 1986, working as writer-translator and artist. Her first novel 'Aegeans' (1999), which treats the topic of exile upon the example of her own family, had huge success abroad.
The formal presentation of the award will be held in Skopje's 'MPs Club' on March 28."

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