The Macedonian Tendency: October 2004

Friday, October 22, 2004

BBC ignores Macedonian context

BBC NEWS | Europe | Analysis: Macedonians fear fresh crisis

The BBC has a Macedonian language unit that broadcasts to Macedonia. Can't these guys walk across the hall to to tell Tim Judah that he should include the status of Macedonians in Greece.

Albanians in Macedonia want cake, Macedonians in Greece have to eat shit. That is not fair. That is the seed that has caused the continuing crisis in the Balkans.

"Macedonia, 'The Great Water,' Ivo Trajikov;

49 Countries in Hunt for Foreign Oscar: "Macedonia, 'The Great Water,' Ivo Trajikov;"

This Macedonian film has been submitted for the Oscar for "foreign language film". I have never heard of it. Please send some links for more information.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Another Sad Day for Macedonians verywhere

Reality Macedonia : Executed Macedonian Hostage in Iraq: "Give My Regards to All Who Know Me"

Dalibor Lazerevski talks on the video recording, but the sound has been cut off. From his lips you can read: "Give my regards to all who know me."

Thursday, October 14, 2004

EU pursues Greece over games law not over rights violations of Macedonians

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU pursues Greece over games law

Read it and weep. Some one, some where is going to do a satiric article about this. Human rights violations of Macedonians are never on the EU agenda, but computer games are. Yikes!

"The European Commission is taking Greece to court for failing to change a law that could ban people playing computer games at home."

Friday, October 08, 2004

Greek Government Map 1944 with Macedonian Names

Mapping Migration in Kastoria, Macedonia What

This is an interesting site with a good map of Kasotria and Grevena complements of University of Oxford Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London and The Research Centre for Macedonian History and Documentation, Thessaloniki.

Obviously it is concerned with Greeks, but infomation on Macedonians may teased from the site.

The it is a Greek Government map with English alphabet. As you can see, most of the names have been changed, but what surprised me was the amount of Macedonian names still left on the Greek map. See Florina Map - Bela Voda (56:60), Golema Glava (74:60) etc

Below is an explanation of its members.

"Mapping Migration is constructing a Geographical Information System (GIS) and web-site focussing on the forced migration of people from 1880 to the present day in the geographical region of Macedonia now known as the district of Kastoria, Greece."

Check this new Macedonian Novel

Macedonian Gold - The Novel by Dr. Michael Seraphinoff

"Most recently Dr. Seraphinoff has produced a fine work of fiction, his novel "Macedonian Gold".

"Macedonian Gold" is a fascinating fiction story that will captivate you and keep you reading to the end because you just can't wait to find out what happens next. It is a fantastic story, a mystery adventure tale that will guide you on a tour of Macedonia through its geography, history, culture and present-day society. While this journey of discovery includes tests of personal character in a quest of meaning in a fictionalized and at times fantastic Macedonia, it also visits the thorny real-life social issues of the day, including issues of ethnic and national rivalry and gender, racial and religious prejudice."

Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia (and Greece?)

Speaking the truth about Saudi Arabia

You really don't have to read this article since it does not directly refer to the Macedonian Question. However, it show us the difficulty of trying to Macedonian issues on the US agenda. Saudi Arabia, for years, has denied religious freedom to its minority religions, but the is the first time that it has been called to task by the US State Department report on Religious Freedom(2004). You would think that it would have done so years ago, even in the Clinton Administration.

Terry Eastland is publisher of The Weekly Standard, (a conservative weekly magazine) and he is discussing this issue. I can assure my reader(s) that Terry will not discuss Macedonians in Greece because it is not in the US interest ... at this time.

How to put Macedonia on the agenda is one of the great challenges of our time.

Nikola Gruevski, VMRO-DPMNE President, Resonds to IWPR

Reality Macedonia : Macedonia Referendum: Citizens' Contribution on the Road to European Union

This, article about about the referendum in Macedonia concerning decentralisation is rational, legalistic and logical (from a Macedonian politician ... no less). It is in response to "Macedonia Referendum: Step Backwards on Road to EU," by Michael Sahlin of the IWPR.

Read the article, but I would like to take this opportunity to address Michael Sahilin directly;

Dear Michael:

I know that discussing issues that are against the interest of US/EU/Nato could get you blacklisted. (After all you have to put bread on the table).

I don't really expect you to discuss how the policy of the US/EU/Nato to stand on the sidelines while Macedonians in Greece treated very badly. (Because lets face it, you have to eat).

I only ask that you keep a diary of your discussions with the IWPR and US/EU/Nato officials. That way, when you retire (and Macedonians have been wiped out of Greece) you can write your memoirs and reflect on whether allowing Greece to kick the shit out of its Macedonian citizens has been a stabilizing or destabilizing force in the Balkans for the last 15 year. (In the meantime, make sure you can put a roof over your families head).

God bless.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

More news should be reported on Macedonians in Albania

Reality Macedonia : 150,000 Macedonians Live in Albania

It is an interesting article about Macedonians in Albania. I do not have good information about what's happening to these people.

US State Department International Religious Freedom Report 2004 (Truthful)

MHRMC.CA - Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada

It is ironic that the US State Department reports on the ethnic Macedonians in Greece in its reports on Human Rights and its report on Religious Freedom, while its agents (Freedom House, Radio Free Europe, IWPR etc) ignore us. That is why I have labelled it this report "Truthful" even though the State Department is tip-toeing on human riights for Macedonians in Greece in deference to the Greek-American lobby.

I don't want to piss in our own soup, but here is the report on the Repbulic of Macedonia which discusses Serbian-Macedonian Orthodox Church relation. We can't get traction on the human rights for Macedonians in Greece, until we solve this issue.

The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada is doing a good job. Isn't there any similar US organization?

Can't leave the field open for the MPO. More about the MPO later.

Great New Site in North America

Maklink - Macedonians in the US & Canada

This is a great new Macedonian site.

Another Great Article From Christopher Deliso - Classic Balkanalysis: Poisonings or Power Plays?

If you havn't bookmarked this site, do so immediately. He has great articles with fresh insights. I wish he was published in more mainstream western media.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU hardens accession conditions

BBC NEWS Europe EU hardens accession conditions

Because of a deeply anti-Russian, anti-orthodox, anti-slavic, bias of the "west" (read Germany), the EU finds itself on the threshold of admitting a Muslim Turkey which will be the largest country in the EU. Can Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco be far behnd. Europe will be Macedona writ large.

When communism fell in Eastern Europe, I was sure that the EU would offer to immediately include all these countries as "associate members" including Russia. Nato would would be re-named ("The Eurpean Union and Friends"). The US, also still part of the EUF, could withdraw its troops and save a ton of money.

Instead we have Zbigniew Brzezinski having wet dreams about partitioning Russia with US hegemony over Siberia. Brzezinski will regret this position when he ffinds that in a few years, half of Warsaw is Muslim.

A serious debate should be held in Macedonia (with our Serbian and Bulgarian cousins - ya you read it right the first time) about increasing our contacts with Russia. More on how this can be done in a few days.

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU team tours Balkan neighbours

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU team tours Balkan neighbours

Can't any Macedonia jounalist ask these bozos if the Republic of Macedonia treated the Albanians the same way that Greece treats ethnic Macedonians, would it be accepted in the EU.

By definiton Greek human rights policies are EU values.

Reality Macedonia : Macedonia to Sign Agreement with US Under its Constitutional Name

Reality Macedonia : Macedonia to Sign Agreement with US Under its Constitutional Name

It looks like Macedonian politicians are not totally asleep. I think it was VMRO that signed a similar agreement when the US wanted immunity for its soldiers from the new International Court.

I read recently that the US insisted that Serbia hand over indicted war criminals to the Hague for trial before Serbia was to get any US aid. At the same time the US said no aid would be given to Serbia unless it signed an agreement to exempt US soldiers from the new International Court.

Makes you want to spit

Reality Macedonia : EU's Macedonia Questionnaire: Two Days for Translating 3,000+ Questions

Reality Macedonia : EU�s Macedonia Questionnaire: Two Days for Translating 3,000+ Questions

The EU Questionaire is secret:

The Macedonian Government wanted to make the Questionnaire public, but the EU forbade them to so before delivering the answers to Brussels.

The Vice Prime Minister Shekerinska thinks that the answering of the Questionnaire will be finished by the end of January next year, or two weeks before the deadline given by the European Commission

Were the Questionaires for other states, like Slovenia, Poland etc. also secret. Can't we get the Greens to take up this issue in the EU Parliament. I smell a conpiracy.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

From Alt.News.Macedonia

Google Search:: "Subject: Book Review: Mother Tongues Helena Drysdale - Truthfull"

I do not agree with all the points of view of Drysdale. I say that she is Truthful" because she discusses the plight of the Macedonians in Greece.

Robert Kaplan and Macedonia (Partly Truthful)

Google Search:

This is a long article about Tupurkovski, Gligorov, Papandreau etc and only mentions Robert Kaplan on one line. He deserves more attention and I will come back to him. He is one of those who writes clearly about the current situation in the Republic of Macedonia and insists that Tito invented Macedonia. He has lived in Greece, his child was born in Greece. "I smell a consiracy"

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Reality Macedonia : EU�s Macedonia Questionnaire: Two Days for Translating 3,000+ Questions

Reality Macedonia : EU's Macedonia Questionnaire: Two Days for Translating 3,000+ Questions

The Macedonian government (and the people in general) have put all their eggs in the "EU" basket and are now determined to jump through hoops to get admission to the EU. I agree with this position since I can offer no alternative.

However, the Macedonian media should put its come to a consensus to put a set of question to the EU. Relating to the plight of Macedonians in Greece.