The Macedonian Tendency: August 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lake Ohrid in Macedonia | Chill Out Spots

Lake Ohrid in Macedonia | Chill Out Spots:
by Erinna Kingsley"

Lake Ohrid is one of Mecedonia’s most sought after chill out spots, and the biggest and most stunning of Macedonia’s three tectonic lakes.

Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

It’s extraordinarily clean and crystal clear waters, along with the peaceful stillness of its mountain surroundings have enthralled travellers since the beginning of time. Lake Ohrid is fed water from three rivers, however most of its water comes from Lake Prespa, located on the opposite side of Mountain Galicica.

The natural wonder of Lake Ohrid’s encompassing countryside and pristine, turquoise water has made the city of Ohrid one of those hidden places that has become an internationally famous summer holiday destination. In Ohrid you’ll find lush vegetation, wonderful bays, Lake Ohrid beaches and even submarine locations, all amazing ways to explore, have fun and unwind.

If you’re looking for some livelier chill out spots, you’ll find countless pubs, night clubs and restaurants along the waterfront. The restaurants in the city of Ohrid provide a huge collection of national and international beer, an amazing wine list and mouth watering delicacies. You can sit back and enjoy the sunset while you enjoy a romantic dinner along the beautiful waters of the lake. If you’re more into casual dining, you’ll also find everything from local specialties to pizza along the water or in the old town area. No matter where you want to eat or drink, all the cafes and restaurants are within easy walking distance or just a quick taxi ride away.

If you’re just up for a nightcap or looking for a place to relax, you can visit one of the Lake Ohrid’s cafĂ©’s for a beer or a specialty coffee with a sweet pastry. Most of these cafes offer lovely views of the breathtaking lake. Because of Lake Ohrid’s rich history, overwhelming, natural beauty and perfect Mediterranean climate, you’ll find that it’s the perfect place to relax, take it easy and just enjoy the moment.

Lake Ohrid is one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes, and in 1979 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage site. Its unique aquatic ecosystem has been lovingly preserved, along with its over 200 endemic species. Seeing is believing so while visiting, you should explore one of its many trails that present awe-inspiring views, spectacular scenery, as well as a variety of rare species. You’ll want to explore with a mountain guide if you aren’t familiar with the area. This is a good thing because they will also enrich your experience with their knowledge regarding the history of the lake and the wildlife, including wolves, boars, bears and more.

The eastern coast of Lake Ohrid it the most stunning. It’s part of the Galicica National Park and protected by UNESCO. Lake Ohrid is known as one of the best chill out spots in the region because it gives you everything you could ever want in a relaxing vacation, combining nature, water fun and even a little partying at the end of your day.

Getting to Lake Ohrid, one of our favorite, picture perfect chill out spots is easy. Ohrid International Airport is located near the city center and links Ohrid with Amsterdam, Belgrade, Dusseldorf, Ljubljana, Tel Aviv, Vienna and Zurich.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stephen M. Walt and "The Jews"

By David Edenden

Stephen M. Walt
Stephen M. Walt has co-written a controversial book on  "The Israel (read Jewish) Lobby". If he had written a scholarly book on how politicians cave and betray their country and their own values for very small number of votes, from a wide variety of ethnic groups, then there would be no problem. 

Saying that "the Jews" control US policy towards Israel is like saying the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. However, singling out only "the Jews" for undue influence on government policy is where we run into a problem.

Stephen ... you know the Jews ... the have a poker up their butt when it comes to even a whiff of antisemitism.

I, as an ethnic Macedonian from Greece, (see here also) have a huge poker up my butt regarding the Greek lobby and its influence in US politics. (more on this in a later post).

In addition to the Israeli lobby, Stephen, you should have addressed the GreekArmenian, Cuban and for historical purposes ... the China lobby.

Stephen, it would not take too much of an effort to embrace and extend your original work.

Is the United States in Danger of Collapse? | Stephen M. Walt 
A fourth source of foolish decisions is the well-known tendency for individuals to act in ways that are in their own selfish interest but not in the interest of the society as a whole. The "tragedy of the commons" is a classic illustration of this problem, but one sees the same basic dynamic whenever a narrow interest group's preferences are allowed to trump the broader national interest. Tariffs to protect particular industries or foreign policies designed to appease a particular domestic constituency are obvious cases in point.

Macedonian Language Page At The Peel District School Board

By David Edenden


Peel District School Board - Macedonian

The Sheer Mendacity of George Robertson

By David Edenden

Gordon Robertson
 10th Sec Gen of NATO
George, when I read comments like your's below ... I just want to SPIT!

Go to Greece and be the first EU politician to appear on the new proposed Macedonian language radio station. Denounce Greek racism against its ethnic Macedonian minority. Introduce a resolution for an EU/Nato reparations program for Greece's ethnic Macedonian minority. Sell Macedonian language books, CDs, videos on the streets of Florina/Lerin. (Don't get shot). 

Go back to the Scottish Parliament, kneel down and ask for forgiveness for aiding and abetting the cultural genocide of ethnic Macedonians in Greece!

Anyway ... God bless and don't be a stranger!
Macedonia should join NATO, Skopje and Athens can reach a compromise - former NATO chief :: EMG :: SEE news:
Referring to the 10th anniversary of the Ohrid Accord, Robertson notes that it is a classic example of how a country can solve all of its problems through committment and leadership demonstrated by then president Trajkovski. "It can serve as a model for solving similar conflicts in the region."

"The Ohrid Agreement can be considered a model for settling minority rights and issues, because the treatment of minorities is and will become an increasing issue, which requires resolutions," Robertson stresses.

Where's The Outrage ... Greek Racist Priest!

By David Edenden

I have no doubt that should this priest  show up in Florida, he would be greeted  .... warmily ... by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ... there's the bub!
United Macedonian Diaspora - UMD Calls For Greek Metropolitan's Excommunication: UMD Calls For Greek Metropolitan's Excommunication
Saturday, 20 August 2011
August 20, 2011 – Washington, D.C. – The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) expressed its outrage at Sunday’s sermon by Metropolitan Anthimos of Thessaloniki (Solun).*  He called upon Greek youth and others to join him in 40-50 buses, travel to the town of Meliti (Ovcharani),* and destroy a planned Macedonian language radio station.
The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul oversees the Holy Metropolises of the “New Lands,” including Thessaloniki (Solun).  In a letter, UMD called upon the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to publically condemn Anthimos’s incitements to violence, and to initiate proceedings for his immediate excommunication.
“Anthimos is a shameful embarrassment to all of Orthodoxy and should be stripped of his title by the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Holy and Sacred Synod,” said UMD President Metodija A. Koloski.  “This rhetoric is barbaric and injurious to Greece, the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Greek Orthodox Church.  Instead of promoting Christian values of peace, tolerance and togetherness, Anthimos uses his position of trust to incite the Greek nation to ethnic hatred and violence.  As a Christian leader, Anthimos's speech is completely unacceptable, and he deserves to be excommunicated.”
On Sunday, August 14, 2011, Metropolitan Anthimos stated the following, which was captured on video:
"We have some of those who were left here since the Civil War period, as we call it, that difficult period, who did not leave to the other side and stayed here with us... [They] are now revolting, and are instigated from abroad by the Skopian [sic] propaganda … That is why we address to the Ministry of Interior and deputy ministers relevant to the media to tell us:  is it true, such a radio station will become in Meliti . . . yes or no?  If it is yes, then I, and the youth, and anyone else who wants to . . .  [with] at least 40 or 50 buses must go there, and together with our brothers in Florina and Meliti, we will destroy everything into broken glass and nails . . . It is not possible to do the job differently."
Despite nominal leadership from the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul, the Greek Orthodox Church is enshrined in the Greek constitution as the "prevailing" religion, and the state pays the clergy's salaries and pensions.  "The Greek State's use of the clergy to terrorize Macedonians in northern Greece has a long and bloody history, going back to the likes of Bishop Germanos Karavangelis, who ordered beheadings in the streets of Kostur,*" said UMD Voice Magazine Editor Mark Branov.  "It is long past due for the Greek Orthodox Church to fully adhere to Christian principles of love and tolerance, and for the Greek state to use its laws for something other than persecuting national minorities."
Today, UMD also urged the Macedonian minority in Meliti (Ovcharani), the Mayor of that town, Panagiotis Anastasiadis (Pande Ashlakov),** and the organizers of said radio station to bring a case against Metropolitan Anthimos, and ask the Public Prosecutor to lay appropriate charges under Greek law.  UMD believes Metropolitan Anthimos’s public appeal for violence is a clear violation of Greek law, and the Public Prosecutor must intervene.

*Solun and Ovcharani are the Macedonian names of these cities prior to the Greek state forcibly renaming them Thessaloniki and Meliti, respectively.  Kostur is the Macedonian name of the city in Greece, Kastoria.
**Pande Ashlakov is the Macedonian name of the Mayor of Ovcharani; however, due to anachronistic and remarkably oppressive laws of the Greek state and the Greek Orthodox Church, one may not be baptized in Greece without a “Greek” name.
Video of Bishop Anthimos's sermon in full (in Greek):
Translation below:In the difficulties and storms we face in our lives, as I mentioned before, those we have next to us are included.  I do not say this myself, it is in a prestigious newspaper, and I am saying also its name . . . is “The Investor’s World” of last Sunday’s issue.  You cannot read it from there, I am showing it with the newspaper, so you will not think this is a rumor or something we invented . . . I will tell you, because you cannot read it from a distance . . .  “in preparation is a radio station of the Skopians [sic] in Greece”.  Do you hear that?  And also those who are watching us, do you hear that?  “Representatives self-defining as Macedonians announced through a newspaper in Fyrom [sic] that they have already got a license and are preparing to broadcast in their idiom [sic].  The president of the Florina municipality district of Meliti, Panagiotis Anastasiadis, who likes to be named also with a Skopian name [sic], announced a radio station that will broadcast in the slav-Macedonian idiom [sic]”.  On the top there is the internet address of the newspaper that announces the operation of such radio station.  What can I say to you?  The newspaper is valid, and here, this guy has made a statement and is about an interview he gave to a Skopian [sic] newspaper:  “The member of the Rainbow Party and president of the municipal district of Meliti Panagiotis Anastasiadis or, as he likes to be named, Pande Ashlakov” who among other statements against Greece and some against us, is saying that “We are ready, we have the license ready and we will take it and start the broadcasting of the radio station.”  Is this possible, I ask you?  Can we Greeks go and make radio stations in any Balkan country or any other?  What’s happening here?  We have some of those who were left here since the Civil War period, as we call it, that difficult period, who did not leave to the other side and stayed here with us, they have, of course, Greek origin and live here but were brought up for many years with their conditions.  So, those who stayed here or who took care to stay here, are now revolting and are instigated from abroad by the Skopian [sic] propaganda, together with the other things they are doing, like statues, etc. and are trying to create this issue . . . They will make also a TV station.  And now I beg and ask this moment:  Mr. president of the region of Central Macedonia, because they are saying they will address to all Macedonians and also the Thessalonikians, their announcement says, Mr. president of the region of Western Macedonia, gentlemen of the remaining secretariat of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace we had but was abolished (I complained then to Mr. Papandreou, and he told me “no, we will have a substitute”.  What substitute, there is nothing!).  To whom we can address to tell us what is going to be with this?  That is why we address to the Ministry of Interior and deputy ministers relevant to the media to tell us:  is it true, such a radio station will be become in Meliti and by which the Skopian [sic] propaganda will be broadcast inside Greece, so they will create an issue in Macedonia, yes or no?  If it is yes, then I and the youth, and anyone who wants to, I will say it like I feel it, I do not know what will happen, if we say yes and they do it, at least 40-50 buses must go there and together with our brothers in Florina and Meliti, we will destroy everything into broken glass and nails.  Otherwise it is not possible to do the job differently . . .
Previous UMD Press Releases related to Metropolitan Anthimos:April 1, 2011: 6, 2010: 7, 2007:

Thomas Brey Is A Vampire and Supporter of Greek Racism!

By David Edenden

Thomas Brey
(He's not pretty)
This article below by Thomas Brey, who  heads the Balkan office of the German DPA news agency, is an example of the uphill battle Macedonians have in their struggle against Greek racism. He is "soooo" concerned about Greek sensibilities but ignores Greece's attempt to  wipe its ethnic Macedonian minority off the map.

I doubt that he will every write about the Greek priest's conspiracy to burn down the proposed Macedonian language radio station in Greece. Remember, Greece's minority rights values are, by definition EU and Nato values and naturally German values. Even at a time when Greece has made a mess of Europe's (and German's) finances, our friend Thomas still finds it in his heart to weep for Greece's racist ideology.

Nick, next time this fascist sets foot in the Republic of Macedonia waterboard him ... (remember waterboarding ins not torture)!

Skopje-Athens dispute: Who "owns" Alexander the Great? -
Monsters and Critic, By Thomas Brey Aug 21, 2011, 
Greece has been insisting on a change of name for the Balkan state. Internationally, Skopje has thus been acting under the bulky name of 'Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.'
Every attentive student knows from history class that Alexander the Great belongs to Greece just like the Acropolis in Athens.
And still Greek history professor Basi Gounaris in Thessaloniki says, 'This conflict is never going to be solved, I'll bet my money on that.'
'What Skopje is doing is nationalism in the style of the 19th century,' he adds, condemning the recent events.
And in Greece, no political party would take the risk of solving the problem - history is the only thing 'that keeps the Greek population together,' the professor adds.
'Antique history is of such tremendous value for us that we cannot accept any compromise.'

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Barbara Frye ... Are Albanians "Pond Scum" for Intimidating Ethnic Macedonians?

By David Edenden

For the "pond scum" reference see here.

If the International Crisis Group, Transitions On Line, Radio Free Europe and other institutes-for-fascists-in-training comes to the aid of the ethnic Macedonians in Albania I will run naked through the streets of Washington singing God Bless America!

However, as we all know the US/EU/NATO position is that Albanians get the elevator while Macedonians get the shaft. 

Macedonians and Greeks Join Forces against Albanian Census:
MINA Breaking News -
Friday, 19 August 2011

Ethnic Macedonians and Greeks in Albania have joined forces against official Tirana which has undertaken steps of intimidation against the minorities living there.
According to article 20 of the Census law, there is a $1,000 fine for each citizen who at the census will declare themselves anything other than what was written down on their birth certificate. If this is not intimidating, Albania has said it would jail citizens that would refuse to declare or be counted in the census.
In other words you can say you are Albanian, or the other option is $1,000 fine or jail?
"Official Tirana attempts to hide the true number of Macedonians. They recognize Macedonians in Mala Pespa, but there are plenty of Macedonians in Gora, Golo Brdo, Korcha, Elbasan, Tirana, Drach, Bilista etc" says Edmond Temelko, president of the Macedonian political party.
The Greek minority in Albania agrees with the Macedonian party.
"Albania's census law is discriminatory and inhumane. We have already said that articles 20 and 21 of the Census laws are unacceptable for us. How do you punish and fine someone for declaring their own nationality or if we refuse to sign the census forms", says Tanas Kochi from Greek organization "Omonia".
Both the Macedonian and Greek organization have requested to have their own representatives in the census organization to make sure census numbers are not abused. At the very least the minorities have requested the census be delayed by six months until their demands are met.Numerous minority groups in Albania claim their numbers are at least 30% of the population, or around 1 million.
Official Tirana puts its number of minorities at 80,000.

Barbara Frye is an Idiotic Piece of Pond Scum and an Anti_Macedonian Racist

By David Edenden

Barbara Frye
Barbara Frye is the Editor of "Transitions On Line" and has a blog called East of Center. It is part of a network of semi-official organizations in support of US policy.

She (and Transitions on Line) has never written ANYTHING on the plight of the ethnic Macedonians of Greece so do not expect any story on FREEDOM OF THE PRESS about the detention of Macedonians journalists in Greece (below).

Our friend Barb decided to piss on the Macedonian people by way of tutoring them on the value of free speech "Nikola Gruevski is an idiotic piece of pond scum. Spread the word". Now if she had said that "Prince William and his whore of a  bride Kate were idiotic pieces of pond scum ... pass the word" ... I would have been impressed. She didn't ... so I'm not.

Her organisation has determined that the Albanians get the elevator while the Macedonians get the shaft. It is much easier to accomplish her task if Macedonians are labelled "idiotic pieces of pond scum" ... a people without a language, culture or identity ... kinda like niggers ...don't you know.

UMD Condemns Greek Police Detainment of Macedonian Journalists:

Wednesday, 17 August 2011
 August 17, 2011 – Washington, D.C. – The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) is appalled at recent events in Lerin/Florina, where Greek national security officers and police detained two Macedonian journalists on suspicion of "photography in a public place." UMD is deeply concerned that intimidation continues to be the main tool used by the Greek state to deny basic human rights of the Macedonian minority in Aegean Macedonia, what is today Northern Greece.
On Monday, Macedonian journalists Milena Gjorgievska of Vest newspaper and Goran Momiroski of Kanal 5 TV traveled to Lerin/Florina with Macedonian citizens born in Greece who sought to obtain their Greek birth certificates. The applications were all denied. When preparing to return to Macedonia, the two journalists were apprehended by Greek police and state security forces. The journalists were escorted to the local police station, where they were informed that unauthorized filming is punishable with up to 10 years in prison under Greek law. Their passports and cameras were taken. After two hours of interrogation, the journalists were released due to lack of evidence.
"When journalists are threatened with 10 year prison sentences, it is no small matter," said Momiroski for Kanal 5.
During the Greek Civil War, hundreds of thousands of Macedonians, including 44,000 children between the ages of two (2) and fourteen (14), were forced to flee Greece. In 1982, and subsequently, in 1985, the Greek Parliament under then Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou – the father of the current Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, passed laws exclusively reserved for Greek citizens of Greek genos who fled during the Greek Civil War to be repatriated for their private properties. Macedonians fleeing during the Greek Civil War were excluded, and till this day have not been able to reclaim their Greek citizenships or their private properties. Today, many of these Macedonians are citizens of Australia, Canada, Macedonia, the U.S., among other places.
In order for Macedonians born in Greece to begin legal proceedings to reclaim their private properties they need a Greek birth certificate. Applications after application have been denied by the Greek authorities.
"The Greek government is willfully impeding this legal process, while bullying and censoring any journalists who want to shed light on the issue. In its 1994 report about Greece, Human Rights Watch brought forth Greece’s civil rights violations against Macedonians; however, 17 years later Greece has not changed,” said UMD Chairman Stojan Nikolov.
UMD urges Greece to overcome its domestic political struggles of whether or not there is a Macedonian minority, recognize the minority as such, and afford them the same rights they afford Greeks by genos. Greece has a long-standing history of xenophobia. Greece’s civil rights violations against Macedonia have been well-documented by the United Nations, Council of Europe, U.S. Department of State, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.

The little Dictionary had no chance

The little Dictionary had no chance
By Risto Stefov
April 17, 2011
Ever wonder why the Greeks behave the way they do? Ever tried or wanted to try to explain this “Greek behaviour”? I have, unfortunately for various reasons, not taken the time to do so. But after reading the following chapter in J.S.G. Gandeto’s book “The Theft of a King Who Stole Alexander” I didn’t have to, my friend Joe has done a wonderful job of eloquently “pegging the Greeks just right” in a way that I could only dream of doing!
Here is what Joe had to say;

Greek Alter TV’s program Atheatos Kosmos reviews the Greek-Macedonian Dictionary

By J.S.G. Gandeto

Among European nations, perhaps even in the world, Greece holds a unique position for being absurdly obsessed with national homogeneity and racial purity. As a matter of fact, this exorbitant indulgence with preserving the "achievements" from the Megali Idea, drives the Greek leadership bonkers. They suspect that their "creation", since it was achieved through very dubious historical means, would not be able to withstand the test of time. The whole nation is gripped with fear; they see potential enemies and spies under every nook and cranny. While this fear, this obsession with the "Greek race", is used as a motivational impetus to keep the masses occupied and united in preserving the artificial Hellenic fabric on one hand, it alienates the very segment of the society which they so feverishly try to prevent from escaping the Hellenic net on the other.

Insecure in their own beliefs that others will not be persuaded to see the aim of their foreign policy as they see it, and fearful of the potentially dangerous outcomes thereof, they continually shift strategies, erect cultural barriers, create new conflicts and are endlessly engaged in debates about someone or something. There is always somebody out there who is trying to usurp, to copy or to steal their precious little heritage.

For example, Greeks will debate anything and everything. One must belong to a kemp; you are either for it or against it, but one rarely finds people who would stand and maintain a middle ground. The main objective is to belong somewhere and to have a competing opinion about it. The next objective is to be vocal about your stand and to defend it vigorously. You must be able to argue your point-that is a prerequisite-and even if all else fails, you must find a reason to continue to argue. At the end, no outside opinions matter, because Greeks think and behave like they are the only one authoritative people who have the answer. This obsession with themselves has to be classed as a peculiarly, Greek thing.

But what surpasses all topics, what strongly encompasses and overshadows all other discussions, what overwhelmingly dominates all the political arguments in the media, is the debate about defending the cause of Hellenism and saving Greece from her aggressive neighbors. Here, these topics, these arguments and these issues are seen as being of paramount significance to Greece's survival and serve as an arena where political ideology is being sharpened, the enemies of Greece are being exposed and Greekness is stoically defended and pompously demonstrated. On matters of Hellenism though, its glory and its preservation, there is no choice. If you even dare to stay neutral, you are automatically branded anti-Hellene or even worse; you are labeled as a traitor and a foreign spy and you ought to be dealt with accordingly.

If problems with Greece's neighbors do not exist, then one must be created. If it does not come from the East with Turkey or Bulgaria, then it must come from the Albanians to the north-West. And, if that frontier is quiet and dormant, then, a problem with the new state of "Skopia" (The Republic of Macedonia) must be created, to stirred up and invigorate the "complacent" masses. How else can one justify the Greek mutinous disapproval with a published Greek -Macedonian dictionary? It took seven Greek panelists on this TV program Atheatos Kosmos that aired on 01/07/09, to tackle this well armed and highly dangerous... well... this dictionary.

In all fairness though, I must mention the moderator who, in this case, besides being a cheerleader, occasionally had the presence of mind to ask the Greek panelists to "slow down" , (wipe the foam from their mouths) and coherently explain their thoughts "so people can understand" them. Watching these highly charged Greek "hoplites", I couldn't suppress the sadness that overwhelmed me regarding this lonely, defenseless dictionary, left at the mercy of these highly sophisticated Greeks. I knew right then and there, that it stood no chance; thus the epitaph that I shall write for the fallen dictionary bears some similarities with that of Demosthenes for the fallen comrades at Chaeronea:

"Time, whose o'erseeng records all human actions, bear word to mankind what fate it suffered, how striving to safeguard the holy human rights of the ethnic Macedonians in Greece, upon Athenian TV program it died."
Rest in Peace my beloved little dictionary. Your premature death in the hands of these Greek heroes will bear a witness to the democratic values practiced and promoted in Greece. Farewell my little book. Farewell, indeed.

The well planned attack had two major objectives in mind:

(a) Discredit the author and
(b) Discredit the book.
(a) Attacking the author of any publication that does not agree with Stoho's feudal views, with Chrisy Avgy's neo-fascists ideology and with LAOS's party dark-ages interpretation of the truth, is a well known and documented practice in Greece. This was to be expected; the track record of these Greeks is explicitly clear and proven. They have attacked much more formidable foes than the author of this little dictionary, Mr. Vasco Karadza. Here, among many others, we can mention Eugene Borza, Ernst Badian, Anastasia Karakasidou, and any other author-ancient or modern-who dared to disagree with these Greeks. It is like throwing a bone at a pack of hungry hyenas.

While I can understand, and to a certain degree agree with people who maintain opposite views on various controversial subjects depicted and presented in a given book, I am quite puzzled and totally lost for words as to why anybody would object to a dictionary. Dictionary's main purpose-there is no hidden agenda here-is to be used for practical means-facilitation of communication and improved understanding.

But our ethnologists, our linguists in Greece saw something more sinister than that; they saw this dictionary as a dark horse used by the "Skopjans" (Republic of Macedonia) to elevate the "idiom" spoken in Northern Greece by the ethnic Macedonians-who, by the way, "do not exist"-to the level of a language. In the words of this panelist Ilias Hrisantopoulos:

"They want to impose it (the language spoken in the Republic of Macedonia) on the population that speaks the idiom".

I have a slight disagreement with Mr. Hrisantopoulos' assertion:
(1) The verb 'impose' denotes usage of an outside force; to make people agree or comply with something by having superior strength or authority. The Republic of Macedonia possesses neither means to accomplish such an act, nor power to do it. This practice of imposing ones culture and language on other peoples is a well-patented Greek trademark. Aside from being the most proficient thieves and fabricators of history in the Balkans, Greeks are the best when it comes to suppressing and suffocating other people's culture and language and imposing their own. In the name of Hellenism, Mr. Hrisantopoulos, the Greeks have destroyed and exterminated Macedonian culture and language, Albanian culture and language and definitely, you have done away with the Vlach's language and culture. The fact that you refer to the language that the ethnic Macedonians speak in Greece as an idiom, is an indication that reality and human rights in Greece cannot coexist and do not register on your radar. By minimizing the significance of a language as an idiom, you inadvertently expose your more ominous designs for it-total elimination from Greece. Eliminating or hiding an idiom is much easier to do than it is with a language.

The other panelist, the so-called ethnologist Mr. Evangelidis, in his expose offered an interesting proposal for solving the problem. He said:

"I think that all our actions through historical arguments, linguistic arguments etc., will have no effect; the issue is purely political. We could assist by opening some issues but there is no dialogue with this people."
He did not elaborate his plan of action because he had "no time to explain the stupidities from the whole state of Skopje; the entire administrative and state mechanism; professors, academicians, institutes etc., etc…"
His voice, his composure and his countenance did not hide the hate and the malice that this person possessed. He looked like a person with a sword drawn out and ready for a battle. He reiterated the other panelists' conclusion that there is no such language. That, where these locals live "there is an idiom that is a mixture of Greek, Turkish, Slavic and etc., words" and that "the idiom was made for practical purpose."

However, he cautioned that "they (referring to the ethnic Macedonians) took it and made it an official language and they teach with it." He stressed that he sees danger of a dialect because "in the words of a great linguist Max Weinreich, a language is a dialect with an army and a navy."

Yes, Mr. Evangelidis, you are correct because (a) no dialect can ever exist without a language. If there is smoke, there is fire too. (And it was not Max Weinreicht who coined the term but Joshua Fishman), and (b) that the "idiom" you have described as a mixture of Greek, Turkish, Slavic etc., had evolved in the very same way that your Greek state has. We keep telling you that your state was artificially created from an admixture of Slavs, Turkish, Greeks, Albanians and Vlachs individuals. Disappointed?

The fact that you Greeks claim that this language does not exist is entirely a different ball game. You see Mr. Evangelidis, according to your administrative decrees the language does not exist because it was forbidden by your government. In reality though, it is still there in spite of all your vehement denials and repressions.
By burying your head in the sand, the language will not disappear. You may choose not to see it, you may persecute people who use it and you may pretend that it was fully wiped out but the truth still remains; you did not succeed in eliminating it. The fact that you pretend that this language does not exist and you attempt to reduce its stature by calling it an idiom, is an admission of your insecurities and perceived danger from it. Every dialect, every idiom if you will, has an "elder mother" called a language somewhere. Your statement: "I have stressed so the viewers can understand the language made in Skopje has no relation with the idiom in our area", is a revelation of your masked intentions: by denying the obvious, that the language spoken in the Republic of Macedonia is the same with the language spoken by the ethnic Macedonians living under Greek occupation, you hope to disengage and disconnect the Macedonian identity across the border. Your loathsome attitude over the name issue reveals your vile and dark intentions. Watching the TV segment about a published dictionary and the Greeks' reaction to it, reaffirmed my previously held convictions about Greeks, their sinister intentions towards the ethnic Macedonians and their racist government's policy toward the Republic of Macedonia.

Repugnant and toxic is the revelation that emanates from Greece's hidden agenda to completely wipe out any trace of the ethnic Macedonian identity and language. Repugnant and loathsome is the thought that Greece in the 21 century attempts to denigrate, culturally assimilate and ethnically erase a minority population whose lands they have confiscated and whose rights as people they have abrogated. Repugnant and revolting is Greece's shameful denial that there are no people who identify themselves as ethnic Macedonians in Greece and repugnant, hideous and downright evil is Greece's behavior towards the Republic of Macedonia. There has to be an end to this menacing Greek locust. There has to be an end to this, more than a century old, Greek plague; there has to be a way to get this monkey off of our backs once and for ever. There has to be a way...There has to be a way to abolish the Greek apartheid.

I couldn’t agree with you more Joe and thank you for allowing me to use segments of your book in my articles.
J.S.G. Gandeto’s book “The Theft of a King Who Stole Alexander” is available through;

This is a book that every Macedonian needs to own and must read. Since I purchased it I could not put it down.
J.S.G. Gandeto was born in Lubojno, Macedonia. Educated at Ss Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He immigrated to United States and continued his studies at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan and Nova South-Eastern University in Fourth Lauderdale, Florida where he received his post graduate degrees. He recently completed his 29th year as an educator and has since retired and is continuing to pursue his passion in writing. In 2002 he published his first book Ancient Macedonians - Differences between Ancient Macedonians and the Ancient Greeks. In 2005 he published the romantic novels One Golden Ray upon the Rock and in 2007, The Wolves of Trappers Bluff.

In the Macedonian Language he has published the following novels: Spasa's Light in 2004, Saraf in 2009 and Rosamarina's Grave in 2010. Book of poems Muabeti in 2003, poemata Ko Jagne in 2005 and Majka -Egejka in 2009. Currently, he is preparing for publication his latest novel Folded Impressions.

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