The Macedonian Tendency: More on "Lustration"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More on "Lustration"

This is Grozdan Popov's analysis on the lustration law in Macedonian which i discussed here. I did not know that it was unconstitutional in the EU, but it shows how the EU is willing to promote anti-democratic laws for their own self interest. It reminds me of the pressure on Macedonia to re-do its census with rules that would not be acceptable to other EU countries, including France.

Of Ideas and People: February 2007:
Lustration Laws in Europe are Unconstitutional: Why Macedonia Wants One?
Sunday, February 18, 2007

The other day the Macedonian parliament passed the initiative to open up (urgent) legislative work that will result for the first ever Lustration Law of the small Balkan state. Since the poor country had been under concentrated and daily growing pressure by all sort of domestic and international thugs - I was shocked with the news. I though that my people have lost all orientation and that Barosso should better summon this guy Olli Rehn and warn him that he scared the Macedonian government out of its wits.

I have a feeling that the aspiring candidate-member countries are squeezed into submission and faced with some rather ugly and totally arbitrary choices. Thus - the Lustration Law. (Here: the Speaker of the house tries to bring some order in the Parliament -Sobranie- in Skopje)

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