The Macedonian Tendency: Nato is Not Our Friend

Friday, March 09, 2007

Nato is Not Our Friend

One step forward two steps back. Macedonian leaders of both parties have a difficult time in navigating the treacherous waters of international diplomacy. They have done a remarkable job considering the enemies we have all around us. No one to lean on. Too bad Russia is so pathetically weak.

"Military museum removes exhibit on ancient Macedonia"
Makfax vesnik:

Skopje /8.03/ 18:19

The maps and artifacts of the Alexander the Great's phalanx have been removed from the Military Museum's room dedicated to ancient Macedonia, upon recommendation of NATO member-countries initiated by the Greek government.

Electronic media reported today that instead of exerting direct pressure on authorities in Skopje, Athens called Brussels to make the move.

According to the same sources, official Athens also raised objections in the Alliance on the book 'Military History of Macedonia' written by Vanco Stojcev, which contains maps showing borders of the ancient Macedonia.

Representatives of the Defense Ministry confirmed to some of the media that certain NATO member-countries suggested to Minister Lazar Elenovski to remove the maps and the artifacts in order to avoid provoking Greece."

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