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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stefani's Website

As a follow-up, below is Stefani Sen Senar's website which is in French and Macedonian. The novel, "Le Firman" is available at Amazon France.

Any Macedonian student who is taking French immersion might want to order this novel and produce a review in English. I would be happy to publish it.

Our Stefani is 50% French on her fathers side, 50% Macedonian on her mother's side and ... 100 % babe (as you can see ... because of her Macedonian side!)

Stefani Sen Senar (Website)

BiblioMonde (Translated by Google)

Stefani SEN Senar

Born in Dijon (France) in 1970, Stefani SEN Senar is of origin Macedonian by her mother, it grew in Parisian suburbs where it always lives in an old village, nested on a slope between the Seine and the forest of Sénart - the origin of its pseudonym. It studied the balkanology with the INALCO, in Paris, course a three years during which it was interested, in particular, at the period of the Othoman domination. Its many stays in republic of Macedonia since its youth and, in particular, those which it accomplished in 1991 and 1992, at the time of the bursting of the Yugoslav Federation and the access to independence of Macedonia was decisive for young auteure, old, then, 21 years which took part in the first newspaper independent Macedonian, Republika. In 2000, Stefani SEN Senar published a first novel with Skopje, Varvarski Koreni, (“cruel Roots”) (at AEA-Misla), then a second in 2004 Ferman (at Kultura). This novel is appeared in France in 2006 pennies the title the Decree.

“As of the exit of its first novel, of aucuns saw in this young novelist a “Francoise Sagan of Balkans”. This work brings much more than one surprised in our European literature: a certain hope.” (Predrag Matvejevitch)

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