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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Risto's books on Macedonian History

These books by Risto Stefov, from the might village of Oshichima (Trigonon if you want to find it on a current map.) are available from his website.

Dialectal Dictionary:
The Little Book of BIG GREEK Lies:
For those in the Toronto vasinity, I will be selling my books at St. Clements this Sunday, March 25.
Regards, Risto...

Life became even harsher after the 1912-1913 Balkan wars. The Greek occupation put an end to all that was Macedonian. Greek policies of forced assimilation erased the Macedonian language and abolished long-standing Macedonian traditions, even in small villages like Oshchima. Place names and buildings alike were given Greek names. The Svety Nikola Church, the most cherished Oshchimian possession, was re-named Agios Nikolaos. All the Macedonian writing in the church was erased, including the names of the saint on the icons and the names of the dead on the gravestones. The Macedonian writing on the civic building and stone markers was also erased and replaced with a Greek equivalent. The village was renamed Trigonon which had absolutely no historical significance or meaning for the tradition bound Oshchimians. People’s names were also changed and Boris was renamed Vironos, Trpo became Trifunas, Kita became Stavroula and Slava became Evdoxia. The city of Lerin became Florina, Voden became Edessa, and so on.

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