The Macedonian Tendency: Hitlerite Propaganda and "The Name Issue"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hitlerite Propaganda and "The Name Issue"

Just before Hitler invaded Yugoslavia in WW2, newspapers in Germany were reporting that "Yugoslav warmongers" were planning to attack Germany. The Greek newspaper Kathimerini is not telling the truth. Greece, not Macedonia, wants sole possession of the Macedonian name. That is what this whole dispute is all about.

Macedonians like to share.

Keep your blue starburst flag, let up have the red starburst flag.
Keep your "province of Macedonia", let us keep the "Republic of Macedonia".
Keep your "University of Macedonia", let us keep " Alexander the Great Airport"

The Macedonian Ambassador to Washington should consider asking the US "Congressional Research Office" to investigative this claim. While they are at it, they can look at both Macedonian and Greek textbooks, and Macedonian and Greek minority rights policies.

Kathimerini: Skopje Government wants to present Macedonia as sole successor of Ancient Macedonia
Macedonian_News_Service : Message: Daily Bulletin:

Athens, March 13 (MIA) - After renaming the Skopje airport from Petrovec to Alexander the Great, the north-neighbouring Government has also 'mobilised' the archaeological artifacts in its possession, trying to present Macedonia at an international plan as primary, if not sole successor to the historical and cultural heritage of Ancient Macedonia, Athens-based Kathimerini writes.

- In the lobby of Macedonian Government's building, eight big statues from the Greek-Roman period are displayed, which are, according to unofficial statements by Skopje archaeologists, authentic and transferred from museums, Kathimerini reports.

The article's author writes that 'these activities are in line with the ideology by the ruling party, which is tightly connected with the nationalism of the past, since it has derived from the secession of the renowned VMRO-DPMNE'.

The author underlines that Macedonian Foreign Affairs Minister Antonio Milososki has recently dubbed the name dispute as two-party issue and states that no other organization than the UN may undertake the responsibility to review two-party issues."

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