The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonia's Nato Course on Track

Friday, March 02, 2007

Macedonia's Nato Course on Track

Nice words form former US Ambassador to Greece (yikes!). No mention of a Greek veto.Apparently our friend Nick, can tell the difference between a Macedonian, Montenegrin and a Moldovan, which is how he has scaled the heights of the State Department.

US backs Macedonia's quick entry into NATO
Makfax vesnik:

"'2007 will be year of major changes with two key goals for the US and EU alike - Kosovo status settlement and updating of Dayton Peace Accord,' Undersecretary Burns said, adding that such policy aims to bring down the national barriers in the Balkan region.

'These two goals, along with admission of Croatia, Albania and Macedonia into NATO in 2008 or 2009, are initiatives that aim to bring the Balkans to EU and NATO, and to finally remove the institutional and national barriers that slowed down the progress of Balkan nations comparing to the nations in central Europe,' he added.

Burns said the US and EU will try to calm down the 'forces of irredentism and violence' as part of structure of politics in the Balkan."

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