The Macedonian Tendency: China is Near

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

China is Near

It seems that the Chinese are interested in what is happening in Macedonia. In the US/EU newspapers, only anti-Albanianism was mentioned. It is great that the Macedonian government set the record straight.

Macedonia protests to Greece over anti-Macedonian video clips
People's Daily Online --

The Macedonian authorities on Thursday protested over a video clip showing Greek soldiers in training chanting anti-Macedonian songs, news reaching here from Skopje reported.

Macedonian Foreign Ministry called in Greek ambassador to Skopje for talks and handed him a formal protest note, according to Macedonian independent news agency Makfax.

The video clip was broadcast by media in Macedonia on Wednesday, showing Greek soldiers in training singing: 'Blood runs in true Macedonian's veins is Greek'.

It was reported the video was recorded in 2005 during a military training and its authenticity was verified on Thursday.

'The Greek soldiers' behavior runs contrary to the declared commitment for good neighborly and friendly relations and has a negative impact on the overall relations between the two states and nations,' the note says.

Macedonia got independence from former Yugoslavia in 1991 and entered the UN under the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Greece is at odds with Macedonia over the country's name, which Athens says implies territorial claims to the northern Greek province of Macedonia.

Source: Xinhua"

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