The Macedonian Tendency: On Serbs and Serbia

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On Serbs and Serbia

I have a complicated relationship with the Serbs and Serbia. Serbs and Bulgarians are "first cousins" to Macedonians, but it turns out we are a dysfunctional family. I oppose the the independence of Kosovo which is basically a partition of Serbia because it will lead to instability in the Balkans. However, I condemn Serbian nationalists as the basic cause of the collapse of Yugoslavia. Serbian nationalists continue to this day to reject Macedonian ethnicity and the legality of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Anyway, here are some of my posts, lest anyone think that I am a "Serboman" because of my anti-independence for Kosovo stance.

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  1. First of all, I know very well that Serbs have no good words about Macedonians at all. I do not agree that Serbia and Macedonia have special relationship.

    Regarding Kosovo, Macedonia has got no other option rather then accepting the true fact that Kosovo will be independent soon.

    I think for Macedonians would be the best if they would work kindly in improving relations with Albanians rather then criticizing them.

    If Macedonia want to keep good relations with U.S, it has to keep good relations with Kosovo as well as Kosovo is primary interest to U.S regarding Balkans.

  2. I think we can agree on all your points.

    However, today the US supports the Albanians in the Balkans, tomorrow it can change, (as everyone in the Balkans).

    Look at the Kurds. The US supports the Iraqi Kurds, but supplies weapons to Turkey to crush the Turkish Kurds who have no rights.

    The epicenter of instability in the Balkans is in Washington because they have different standards for each situation. Just look at their policy regarding Greeks in Albania, Chams and Macedonians in Greece. its a mess, but a calculated mess to serve US interests ... for now!