The Macedonian Tendency: I like Bush

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I like Bush

I wrote a letter to Slate magazine long ago, objecting to their Bushism column and I also now object to David Letterman's equivalent video segment, because to be funny is to be unexpected. Making fun of Bush's intelligence is not funny unless you are Roger Ailes, then it is really funny. . Both Gore and Kerry were never subjected to this kind of mean spiritedness, although Edward Kennedy, like Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson, is. I think that journalists should study Bush's recognition of Macedonia by its real name to see what makes Bush tick. I think he did the right thing for the right reason. Not many US journalists are interested in that. Oh!, I also like Rice and Rumsfeld.

Bush Stands Firm Against Greek Lobby

Impact of Trajkovski's death on George W. Bush

Macedonia wins Recognition from US

Lets Build a Statue to Donald Rumsfeld in Macedonia's Capital City, Skopje.

Condi Rice named "Person of the Year" by The Macedonian Tendency

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