The Macedonian Tendency: Bulgaria: I'm Going to Pay the Fine and Not Change

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bulgaria: I'm Going to Pay the Fine and Not Change

This is how the EU operates. Slap on the wrist and continue to discriminate. Nice!

Kalfin for MIA: Strasbourg court decision doesn't oblige Bulgaria to register OMO Ilinden Pirin
Macedonian_News_Service : Message: Daily Bulletin

Skopje, March 21 (MIA) - Bulgaria has always had in principle position that each decision by the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg should be executed. This also completely refers to the decision on OMO Ilinden Pirin. Sofia has paid the fine, determined by the Court. However, an automatic obligation for Bulgaria to register OMO Ilinden Pirin doesn't stem out of the court ruling, says Bulgarian Vice PM and Foreign Minister Ivajlo Kalfin in an interview with the Macedonian Information Agency - MIA.

The ruling by the European Court of Human Rights refers to the events that occurred in the period between 1999-2000, when the legitimacy of the registered political party OMO Ilinden Pirin was disputed. Infringement of the right of association was found. However, it has been estimated that Bulgarian actions on the issue had legal foundation, underlined Kalfin.
Registration of any kind of political party in Bulgaria is under significant jurisdiction of the Court, whereas the executive authorities are prevented from interfering the work of the judicial authorities in any way. -

Throughout October 2006, the Sofia City Court rejected OMO Ilinden Pirin registration due to evident mistakes in the documentation i.e. failure of compliance with law's provisions,"

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