The Macedonian Tendency: "Invest in Macedonia" Campaign Causes Mass Panic in France

Friday, March 02, 2007

"Invest in Macedonia" Campaign Causes Mass Panic in France

This is a nice little article from our cousins in Bulgaria about Macedonia's attempt to lure investment from France. When I Googled this subject, found only one item, this one! It would be great if it were accurate!

"Invest in Macedonia”
FOCUS Information Agency:

"Skopje. “Invest in Macedonia” campaign gave rise to a serious debate in French politics. The Republic of Macedonia government underwent sharp criticism for trying to present the country as attractive through social dumping, the Macedonian Utrinski Vesnik writes today.
Politicians, a presidential candidate among them, accused Macedonia that with the suggested tax of 10% and highly qualified cheap workforce, salaries being 370 euro, it is out of the EU Framework. According to the French advocate Rodolf Boslu, Macedonia turns out to be the new social “Eldorado.”
Commenting in one of the most popular radios in France, Boslu compared the Macedonian offer with the “Polish plumber,” symbolising, for the Franch people, liberal Europe, writes also the newspaper."

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