The Macedonian Tendency: Miloshoski is Mad, But Not Crazy

Monday, March 26, 2007

Miloshoski is Mad, But Not Crazy

Dear faithful readers, you know I oppose the independence of Kosovo. I have never met Miloshoski, but I do not believe that this article reflects his true sentiments. I think that, like myself, he is really pissed off at the Serbs, not to mention that he is doing th bidding of the US/EU by spouting the party line ... democracy, human rights, etc for Kosovars but not for ... you know who. (Yikes!)

Miloshoski: Macedonia first to recognize Kosovo
Macedonian_News_Service : Message: Daily Bulletin:
Skopje /26/03/

Macedonia will be among the first countries to recognize an independent Kosovo, the Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski told Kosovo's media.

'Skopje is interested in timely definition of the Kosovo status by the UN Security Council and then, Macedonia will recognize this new reality,' Miloshoski said.

Miloshoski told the Kosovo's radio and television that Kosovo deserves to have its own status.

'Kosovo deserves a status, the international community works in this context and we are trying to help. We are in positive mood to recognize this new reality same as other countries after the decision of the UN Security Council,' Miloshoski said.

As regards the demarcation of the border with Kosovo, Miloshoski said the ownership rights of each citizen on the two sides of the border will be fully respected.

Albanian media say Miloshoski's statement confirms that not only the Albanian political parties in Macedonia but also the Macedonian parties back Kosovo's independence.

Kosovo's media cite a similar statement by the Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski during the visit of the Kosovo's opposition leader Hashim Thaci. Gruevski said Macedonia will be the first to recognize any resolution and decision approved by the UN."

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