The Macedonian Tendency: Who is Against Kosovo Independence?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who is Against Kosovo Independence?

There considerable opposition to the independence fro Kosovo . See the report from Romania, although you would not know who opposes it from the AP story further below. Just another case of "manufacturing consent".

Romania rejects Kosovo independence plan Regional

The European Union will support the UN plan for the Kosovo province independence , although several states, including Romania, pledged in favor of Serbia and denounced Martti Ahtisaari's plan, the EUObserver website informs.
According to the source, USA and EU announced their support for Kosovo's 'under surveillance independence' plan, despite Russia's and Serbia's opposition. Cyprus, Spain, Greece and Slovakia also reject the idea.

Serb representatives rejected the mediator's plan to ensure extended sovereignty for Kosovo, under international surveillance. Albanian ethnics, who represent some 90% of the local populace, demand independence for the province.

Russia already warned that it may use its veto right to block the UN project, while China has not adopted yet an official position. "

European Parliament backs U.N. plan granting Kosovo supervised sovereignty

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) : The European Parliament on Thursday overwhelmingly backed a U.N. plan that would give Kosovo supervised independence from Serbia, and the EU's foreign policy chief said the bloc's planned development project in the province was "the most important EU mission in history."

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