The Macedonian Tendency: Greece and the Macedonian Question Yesterday

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Greece and the Macedonian Question Yesterday

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Modern ethnic Macedonians refer to the two quotes below to demonstrate that ancient Macedonians were not Greek. In addition to ancient Macedonian, the language spoken by three other ancient peoples is controversial:
  • Carthaginians,
  • Etruscans,
  • Thracians.

In the third of the Philippics, generally considered the finest of his (Demosthenes) orations, the great Athenian statesman spoke of Philip II:

"... not only no Greek, nor related to the Greeks, but not even a barbarian from any place that can be named with honors, but a pestilent knave from Macedonia, whence it was never yet possible to buy a decent slave."

The question of the use of the Macedonian language was raised by Alexander himself during the trial of Philotas, one of his generals accused of treason.
Alexander said to Philotas:

"The Macedonians are about to pass judgment upon you; I wish to know whether you will address them in their native tongue."
Thereupon Philotas replied:

"Besides the Macedonians there are many present who, I think, will more easily understand what I shall say if I use the same language which you have employed, for no other reason, I suppose, than in order that you speech might be understood by the greater number."
Then said the king:

"Do you not see how Philotas loathes even the language of his fatherland? For he alone disdains to learn it. But let him by all means speak in whatever way he desires, provided that you remember he holds our customs in as much abhorrence as our language."

Quintus Curtius Rufus, Alexander, VI. ix. 34 - 36

On Macedonia Matters, 1903
Krste Misirkov

Misirkov proposed the grammar of the modern Macedonian language in 1903 as a Slavic language similar to, but distinct from either Serbian or Bulgarian.

The idea that Tito invented the Macedonian language, as a communist plot in 1945, is a Greek slander that is believed my many western politicians ... I'm talking to you Barack Obama!

Macedonian "Abecedar" re-published in Greece after 81 years (1925)

Greece published this primary reader to meet minority right obligations for its ethnic Macedonian minority for the League of Nations.

It was never distributed. The Greek government changed its policy and took the line that there were no ethnic minorities in Greece. Still propagated by many journalists today ... I'm talking to you Robert D. Kaplan!


A British SOE Officer, Captain Evans, parachuted into NAZI occupied Greek Macedonia and assessed the attitude of ethnic Macedonians in Greece.
This report would be a good starting point in the current Macedonian Greek negotiations regarding the "name" issue ... I'm talking to you Matthew Nimetz!

Here is his observation about the future of rights of ethnic Macedonians in Greece ... smart guy!
"At the same time GREECE; if she is not to be severely troubled by her MACEDONIAN minority, and also in the interests of equity, must treat that minority well; firmly, yes, but with friendship, without discrimination.

I am not sanguine of this happening. But it is not impossible".

Captain Evans, SOE, 1944

by Andrew Rossos, University of Toronto
How bad was it for ethnic Macedonians in Greece prior to WW2, it was so bad that ... ethnic Macedonians choose the commie side, "en masse", during the Greek Civil War.

Autonomist Movements of the Slavophones in 1944: The Attitude of the Communist Party of Greece and the Protection of the Greek-Yugoslav Border
by Spyridon Sfetas

A confused ``jewel" of modern Greek historical science.

The problem for Greek scholars is, how to denounce ethnic Macedonian treason, while at the same time denying their very existence as a people. Strangely, it must be working ... I'm talking to you Christopher Hitchens!

Notice how the author describes the suppression and subsequent jailing and execution of Macedonian leadership and fighters immediately after World War II by the Yugoslav authorities because of plans for secession from Yugoslavia and unification of Macedonia.

His next paragraph turns comical with explanation that afterwards the Yugoslavs tried to ``macedonize" the population.

Basic Greek position on ethnic Macedonians

1. Greece has no ethnic minorities

2. Greece has "Slavophone" Greeks are loyal Greeks.

4. "Slavophones" speak an idiom but have no "real" language, culture of history.

5. "Slavophones" supported the Communists "en masse" during the Greek Civil War.

6. Communist promised recognition of Macedonians as a "people".

6. Greek Communist were granted amnesty and allowed to return to Greece.

7. Ethnic Macedonians Communists were not allowed to return.

8. Ethnic Macedonians who emigrated from Greece are blacklisted from returning, if they engage in Macedonian cultural activities ... such as marrying in the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

My Comments

The mistreatment of ethnic Macedonians in Greece is the inspiration for every racist, every fascist and every ethnic cleanser in the Balkans ... I'm talking to you Samantha Power!

The United States, the EU and Nato are complicit in the ongoing cultural genocide, of the Macedonian people who have lived in Greece, considered the cradle of democracy, for 1,500 years ... I'm talking to you Greek Issues Caucus! and Tom Lantos

Since Greece is a member of Nato and the EU, Greek values regarding minority rights for ethnic Macedonians in Greece are also Nato and EU values. Serbs in Kosovo who look to Nato and the EU to guarantee their rights are insane! I'm talking to you Javier Solana and Richard Holbrooke!


  1. Dear Sirs

    I would like to express my opinion and point out some torture what Greece is doing toward us Macedonians

    Until 1913 the all region of Macedonia was to all Macedonians, from the Bucharest agreement Macedonia was divided between Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. Greece took 51 % of this all territory of Macedonia. The proof of this is the people living there and the names of villages and cities, the Greeks forced all these people to run away and they took their property, changed the names of the villages and those refuges cant come back home even today, they can do this only if they say that they are Greeks which is another example of Greek democracy and civil rights for those who are not Greeks. The Greece is saying the are no minorities in Greece, what an racist statement, is there any country in the world without minorities. Once Hitler wanted a clear country without minorities. Greece is afraid that if they recognize Macedonia than it means that they are admitting that they are having 51 % of our territory (which we don\’t want back because its a different world now)t hey will have to admit their mistakes from the history and all refuges who are having billion dollars worth estate left to some other owners now(Greeks). This is the big concern of Greece not the name. They divided our country busted our citizens and they don’t allow us to call Macedonians. Its like someone comes to your home takes your half of your house and then not allowing yourself to call by your birth name. That’s the ridiculousness of the problem. The whole world is quite and not doing anything to stop this torture of Greeks toward a new democratic state, old as Greece.
    If Alexander the great was Greek why did he conquer the Greeks and why did he spoke with his general on Macedonian language not Greek language???
    We like to be a part of Europe and we don’t want violence and don’t want back the stolen part of Macedonia. If Greece is democratic state than should respect the right of others to call his country as they like since we are Macedonians more than 3000 years ago. Mixing of other cultures is normal and no one is clear Greek or Macedonian.

  2. DUUUUDE! lol
    listen i TOTALY agree with what your saying,,,everything is true.
    Everything EXCEPT that part about we dont want our land back
    wats wrong with u!
    If someone came into your house and stole ur bedroom, you would want it back!
    i agree the world is different but, i woould love for the greeks to aknowledge macedonia as Republic of Macedonia and admit that they were wrong and to give us our rightful land and history

  3. I agree with maco_gt, what the hell is a matter with your logic. "Don't want are land back" to let are younger generations enjoy all of Macedonia. Land Macedonians died for. Let the world come visit our great land. As history has proven you comprise with a Greek and that will be a huge mistake.

  4. There is a new book out by J.S.G.Gandeto "The Theft of a King - who stole Alexander" You are not going to be disappointed; it has a wealth of info about ancient Macedonians. It is a bit steep $31.00 plus shipping will cost you around $36 - 37 but in my opinion it is worth it. At first I thought he was an Italian author but when I read his bio, he is one of us born in Prespa.
    Greetings and zdravo