The Macedonian Tendency: Austailia and the "Name Issue"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Austailia and the "Name Issue"

Very comprehensive analysis of Australia's policy on the name issue

Influencing Australian Foreign Policy on Macedonia:
United Macedonia Diaspora

"Why hasn’t the Australian Government or opposition
recognised the Republic of Macedonia under its
Constitutional name? Why should it and what can the
Australian Macedonian community do about it?

The Australian Macedonian community has many unmet
social and political needs such as the name issue as a
result of historical, political, management, and
strategic realities and inaction. The capacity of
ethnic communities to influence Australian foreign
policy is dependent on their level of commitment, the
degree of unity and the strength of their
organisations to plan, organize resources, implement
campaigns, provide leadership, raise and build
sustainable funding and learn from past experience and
best practice. Size of the community is not the
critical issue as can be seen from the Jewish
community’s example and its strong influence on
Australia’s foreign policy in the Middle East."

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