The Macedonian Tendency: Get Russia Involved!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Get Russia Involved!

If the Albanians want foreign powers to intervene in Macedonian politics, then Macedonians should insist that Russia also be involved. Russia is useful to the US/EU in North Korea and Iran, but the US is trying to squeeze it out of the Balkans. Macedonia only has to look to Kosovo to see that Russia can be helpful, but Macedonians must be ready to nurture a relationship with Russia before another crisis erupts.

"PM Gruevski: No need of international presence at meetings, but we will not object DUI request
Macedonian_News_Service : Message: Daily Bulletin:

Skopje, March 5 (MIA) - Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has assessed the Sunday's meeting with the coalition partners as excellent.
Gruevski in a statement in Sveti Nikole, where VMRO-DPMNE held Central Committee, underlined that the misunderstandings with the coalition partners were solved and headed towards mutual creation of Government polices and country's interests.
- We've discussed on who said what and why it has been said. Thus, we've found a way to solve the issues together, said Gruevski.
Answering a journalist question on DUI's entrance in the Government coalition, Gruevski said DUI have been informed of the talks that were to take place in upcoming days.
Given DUI request for presence of international factors at the talks, Gruevski said the Government had estimated that it wasn't necessary, but wouldn't object unless DUI required it."


  1. Vitkov, you don't know what you are talking about. Russia? Only if you want to destroy your country!

  2. My name is not Vitkov. See my post I like Russia! ( for further details.