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Friday, March 02, 2007

Macedonian Folk Songs :: Македонски народни песни

The sight is in Cyrillic but good for browsing if you can't read Macedonian.

Macedonian Folk Songs

This is a collection of traditional Macedonian folk songs. Macedonian folk music, created on the major civilization's crossroad, has a specific mixture in all of its elements: instruments, rhythms and melodies. Some of the songs presented here are old for decades, and some are even old for centuries. This site has lyrics and mp3 audio samples of over 500 Macedonian folk songs, and is the greatest collection of its kind on Internet."


  1. Hey David,

    I am the author of Macedonian Folk Songs and I want to thank you for recommending my site. I am building it for people like you who are interested in our culture.

    For the site to be usable to people who do not speak Macedonian and who cannot read Cyrillic alphabet, I am adding the following:

    1. In the "main" menu in the left sidebar, each song's title is in Cyrillic, but the tooltip (the hint that pops up on hover) is transliterated in English Latin alphabet. That should hopefully ease reading/searching for songs.

    2. On the page where the lyrics and the audio sample are, I am adding a gadget with tabs that will include the:

    2.1. Transliteration
    2.2. Translation to English, and
    2.3. Translation to French.

    My primary goal is to add more songs, but at the same time I am "upgrading" the existing songs with the features described above, or like in this example.

    Thanks again for everything that you are doing for Macedonia, I appreciate it! When someone is small and helpless, even the obvious truth is hard for him to use as proof, since he is convicted without a trial. But on the other hand, in times of need you can easily recognize who your friends are. Thank you.

  2. This is such a great blog. I find it very interesting and insightful.

    Here is a great site in the Macedonian language that you (or GoodBytes) might enjoy:

    Македонски wiki browser