The Macedonian Tendency: May 2014

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Evan Fuere ... The Meaning of Democracy vs Hypocrisy

 By David Edenden

Erwan Fouere
Erwan Fouéré wrote“Democracy has lost its meaning in Macedonia” (Balkan Insight April 30, 2014) which received a great deal of attention. I really wish Fouéré would write an article called 
“For the Ethnic Macedonians in Greece, democracy never had any meaning."
It will never happen.

Instead, six days ago, on April 30th, I sent  a very respectful letter (below) to Erwan Fouéré, former EU Ambassador to Macedonia and currently with The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) think tank.

I did not get an answer. 
I did not expect to get an answer.

Macedonians have spent “tooo” much time trying to meet EU standards without asking the question:
“What have you done for me lately”
We know what EU standards are all about. All Macedonians have to do is to look across the border to see the plight of Macedonians in Greece and Bulgaria … and its not pretty.

So when Fuere decides to tutor Macedonians on human rights, democracy or even eating with a knife and fork, my mind reels because he holds us to a mythical standard that we can never meet because the goal post will always be moved

Instead, he should compare Macedonia to Greece and Bulgaria, both EU members, to see where we  are lacking. He will never do so, because this would expose problems with the EU … hypocrisy ... something he does not want to do.

The Macedonian language is Greece is quickly becoming extinct. In my opinion, Erwan Fouéré, through his role as an EU diplomat has played a key role in making that happen.

To: Erwan Fouéré
From David Edenden
April 30, 2014

1.  I would appreciate if you could point me to a list of articles dealing with the relationship between the EU and the ethnic Macedonians in Greece. Including grants given to help with language rights, civil society etc. Published by the EU itself or established think tanks  and universities.

2. Any article where you wrote or you were mentioned in the context the Macedonians in Greece would be helpful, including refugees from WW2 and why they were not included in the amnesty of 1982. 
3 Have you gone to Greece to meet with representatives of Vinozito (Rainbow) before, during or after you were the EU representative to Macedonia.
Have you ever been interviewed by the Macedonian language radio station in Greece and  would you be willing to do so. 
4. Are you willing to go to Greece, meet with Vinozhito and advise them on how to apply for funding for civil society, language preservation and minority rights. 
5. Finally are you intending to attend the opening of the first Macedonian Orthodox Church in Greece?