The Macedonian Tendency: UMD Keeps US Congress Honest

Monday, March 19, 2007

UMD Keeps US Congress Honest

UMD Salutes the Passage of S. 494 and H.R. 987; Concerned about Use of Abbreviation:

"United Macedonian Diaspora salutes the passage of the
Senate Bill 494 and the House Resolution 987 that
support the timely admission of the Republic of
Macedonia to NATO. However, our organization is
concerned that at the last minute amendment to the
Senate bill was introduced to reference to the
Republic of Macedonia as FYROM. This type of verbiage
is contradictory to the official policy of the United
States when referencing the Republic of Macedonia. It
is of great importance that Albania, Croatia, and
Macedonia join NATO in 2008 in order to secure and
stabilize the Balkan region."

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