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Friday, March 02, 2007

Speaking About Bouf ...

I remember years ago, I invited a couple of friends to a Macedonian dance to celebrate some historic event. They were musicians and were fascinated by the Macedonian music which seemed, to them, to be very complex and unusual. They bought the CD from the band, The Boys From Bouf. (more) (more). A few years later, they were at a hotel for a dinner, after a conference, and they heard Macedonian music coming from one of the ballrooms. When they got to the elevator, a very young bride was waiting to go to her room.

My Friend: Is that a Macedonian band playing?

The Bride: Yes it is. I am Macedonian.

My Friend: Is it the "Boys From Bouf"?

The Bride: No, we couldn't get them because they were booked a year in advance. I am really upset, because I'm from Bouf!

So maybe Bouf is the center of Macedonia!

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