The Macedonian Tendency: David Edenden - My Pseudonym

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

David Edenden - My Pseudonym

My family is from Aegean Macedonia. I still have relatives there and revealing my identity could make their lives difficult. Some of my family in Greece have "come out" and are struggling for human rights, but others are still live in fear.

One day (eden den) all Macedonians in Greece will be able to live without fear.


  1. Please be so kind as to explain the Aegean part of Macedonia...I thought Macedonia is pretty faraway from any sea area.
    Thank you

  2. There is a consensus among Greeks, Bulgarians and Serbians that "geographic Macedonia" comprised three counties of the Ottoman empire in the Balkans (basically the Vardar Riverwatershed).

    In 1912, when the Ottomans were expelled from the Balkans during the first Balkan war, "geographic Macedonia" was partitioned between Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. The Greek part came to be known "Aegean Macedonia", the Bulgarian part, Pirin Macedonia and the Serbian part Vardar Macedonia, although the Serbs referred to it as "South Serbia" which included Kosovo.