The Macedonian Tendency: A Revised Guide to Contributors to "The Macedonian Tendency"

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Revised Guide to Contributors to "The Macedonian Tendency"

by David Edenden

"The Macedonian Tendency" is a group blog. It has moved here from an old site, which will continue for the time being, until all the articles have been migrated to this site.

The purpose of this blog is to inform foreign journalists and politicians about "the Macedonian question" today. My main focus is to help in the process of recognition of Macedonia's constitutional name, the fight for the rights of Macedonians in Greece and Bulgaria and to a lesser extent in Albania.

We really need book an movie reviews along with the other arts. Sports reviews are also welcome.

If, like myself, it is necessary for you
to use a pseudonym, please fell free to do so. To contribute send an email to me and I will respond with a link making the process simple and pain free.

Feel free to introduce yourself and write on any topic relating to Macedonia, its history and culture without my prior approval. I do not expect that everyone will agree with my eccentric views, so debate within the blog is not a bad thing.

See my posts for a guide on formatting your articles. I have started posting long articles. With the "Table of Contents" on the side, it mimics a news magazine.

Uses links.
This long post about Robert Kaplan is a good example of the use of links.

I am not interested in using this blog to display the divisions that are reflected in Macedonian politics. I generally support all Macedonian governments, although I disagree with many of their individual positions. Macedonians need a big tent. One of my favorite expressions is "some people look for converts, while others look for heretics." Lets all look for converts and not needlessly look for battles within our community.

Let's use Jews and Israel as a model. Jewish support for Israel is unwavering, however many Jews fell free to offer suggestions for Israeli policy. I have in the past published warnings against Nato membership, the EU and other issues without damning the Macedonian politicians who promote them.

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