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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I like Russia!

I have collected most of the posts to my blog that mention Russia. I like Russia, partly because of pan-Slavic, pan-Orthodox common values and partly as a counterweight to US/EU, which can betray Macedonia for their own self interest.

Russia, as a great power, is also able to betray Macedonia, but it will do so only as a last resort and with feelings of guilt and anguish, unlike the US/EU which will do so without a moments thought. The fist two links are from 2004 and give some detail to my thoughts. The rest of the links are in order of the most recent posts. I basically agree with the bipartisan Macedonian consensus that Macedonia join the EU (enthusiastically) and Nato (regretfully).

When communism fell in Eastern Europe, I was sure that the EU would offer to immediately include all these countries as "associate members" including Russia. Each would be able to progress to full membership at their own pace. The EU would have its own army and Nato would would immediately been dissolved. The OSCE would be reformed and re-named. The US would still part of the OSCE, but could withdraw its troops, redeploy them else where and save a ton of money. Why the EU chose to make the Eastern European countries jump through hoops and point a Nato dagger at the heart of Russia, I will leave to a later post.

Note to George Bush: The American troops in Europe would have come in handy in Iraq today!

Posts From 2004

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