The Macedonian Tendency: March 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Three Macedonias ... Great, Greater, Greatest!

By David Edenden,

I once was looking at a large detailed wall map of "Greater Macedonia" published by a Macedonian society in the 1920's. It was basically the Vardar River shed and based on three Ottoman provinces. The border makers, often in faraway lands and without any consultations with the people on the ground ...  blissfully ignored that these lines put that same ethnic group on different sides of the line. Nothing much has changed in all these years. I'm talking to you US/EU/Nato.

One of Michael Ignatieff's ancestors Count Ignatieff, Foreign Minister to the Russian Tsar was involved in map making in aid of the Macedonia Christians in the 1880' but poor Michael decided to go another way and adopt the Geek position.

This "Geographic Macedonia" seems to be a consensus among the chattering classes of the Republic of Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria that this is indeed "Macedonia" with Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, in the past,  claiming all of it. Albanians were not part of this consensus and have their own maps of Greater Albania based on different Ottoman provinces from a different era.  Albanians ... you really should publish them on the internet!

In the 1990's a Greek government ad in the New York Times addressed the partition of  "Geographic" Macedonia in 1912, but now Greece's position seems to be that only their section of the partitioned area is REALLY Macedonia.and the  concept of "Geographic Macedonia" is a Communist-Slavo-Skopjian-Gyposy-Plot ... go figure.

If anyone has a copy of that New York Times ad, please scan it and email it to me and I will post.

Republic Of Macedonia
Small .. But Mighty
This is what the Greeks are soooo afraid of!

Greater Macedonia
Every Macedonian carries one of these in his wallet!
Someday (Edenden), Someday  (Edenden)

Macedonia Uber Alles,   Bigger than all of Europe! 
Macedonia is EXCEPTIONAL  ... I could go on ...

Friday, March 09, 2012

Plan B: Macedonians ... Expect Rejection by Nato in Chicago

By David Edenden

Dear Nikola Gruevski,
Prime Minister,
Republic of Macedonia

Given that Greece has a veto on new members, we can expect Macedonia to be rejected for Nato membership in Chicago ... again. Here is my recommendation:

Plan B:

All Nato countries (excepting Greece of course) to recognize Macedonia by its constitutional name, before the Chicago meeting, following the lead of the US, UK and Bulgaria.
Nikola Gruevski, if these countries can't or won't do this for Macedonia, then we are spending too much time and energy chasing our own tail.

It would rebuke Greece for trying to de-stabilize Macedonia, strengthen the unity and legitimacy of the fragile Macedonian government, yet still not cause a legal crisis within Nato itself. ("FYROM" at the UN can wait till next year)

The lack of support for ICC ruling on Macedonia by the Obama administration and others  is a set back for the rule of law in the Balkans with the usual consequences to follow.

The many failures of the European project to date include; a bankrupt monetary policy, a confused human rights policy (in the case of Macedonians in Greece), no foreign policy and no army to defend itself.
This inability of the EU to develop a coherent security architecture (hobbled by Nato) is an important contributing factor to the mess that is the Balkans today. 

The many faces that US/EU/Nato present to the peoples of the  Balkans has been the biggest problem. Each time there is a crisis, up comes a call to "negotiate" ... but without reference to the rule of law or to a benchmark on how minorites are handled in the Balkans. ... There's the rub!

Macedonia should lobby the ICG, RFE, NDI, Freedom House, Transitions on Line etc  to expand the chart below, develop common guidelines, and give a number on the degree on human rights/autonomy each group enjoys in their state, it would go along way to moving the negotiations forward in each of these crisis and force the EU to take action.

It may put the EU's feet to the fire to act fairly ... oe maybe not ... we'll see!

-5 Macedonia vs Greece (FYROM)
-5 Macedonian minority in Greece
-5 Macedonian minority in Bulgaria

-5 Turkish minority in Greece
+5 Turkish minority in Bulgaria
0   Cyprus - Turks vs Greeks

5   Bosnia - bosniaks, Croatians, Serbs

10 Kosovo
+2 Kosovo Serbs

+2 Croatian Krajina - Serbs
+4 Bosniak minority in Serbian Sanjak

+4 Albanian minority in Presevo (Southern Serbia)
+7 Albanian minority in Macedonia

... not the complete list.

Gerorge W. Bush Was Strong, Obama is Weak ... The Case of Macedonia

The endless discussion of whether Obama is weak or whether George W. Bush was reckless can be settled using Macedonia as a test case.

George W. Bush recognized Macedonia by its constitutional name and pressured Greece drop its veto on Nato membership ... to no avail.  Bush's pressure on Greece was so strong that this is how a Greek cartoonist saw it.

Nato to Macedonians:You're the "Niggers of the Balkans"!

Bush Stands Firm Against Greek Lobby

Lets Build a Statue to Donald Rumsfeld in Macedonia's Capital City, Skopje.

Condi Rice named "Person of the Year" by The Macedonian Tendency

Barak Obama is pressuring Macedonia to continue to "negotiate" it ethnic identity with Greece in exchange for Nato membership. Even though the ICC (International Criminal Court) ruled Greece violated its treaty with Macedonia not to block membership in international organisations. Obama is pathetic and so is Samantha Power. For Obama ethnic Macedonians are just the "White Niggers of the Balkans" and he loves bowing down to the Greek lobby

Oprah, Obama Will Disapoint You!

Macedonians from Gora in Kosovo's 'Consultative Council on Minorities'

By David Edenden

Gora is a district in Kosovo bordering Macedonia. Goranci, as they are called, are Macedonian speaking Muslims who also have close ties with the Bosniaks.

MINA Breaking News - Macedonians from Gora in Kosovo's 'Consultative Council on Minorities':

Macedonians from Gora in Kosovo's 'Consultative Council on Minorities'PDFPrintE-mail
Friday, 09 March 2012
Two representatives of Macedonians from Kosovo region Gora will be part of the Consultative Council on Minorities in Pristina.

"The Council will comprise of two representatives each from Montenegrins, Roma, Egyptians, Gorani, Vlachs and Croats, one of whom to be deputy in the Kosovo Parliament. The Council will also include a representative from the Government, Parliament, the President's Office, as well as other relevant agencies", said Kosovo Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj.
Macedonians from Gora submitted a request for their inclusion in the Constitution on 17 November 2011, hoping for a positive response.
Gora region is exclusively inhabited by Macedonians, mainly in the Kosovo-Macedonia bordering region. President of the Union of Macedonians of Islamic Religion and informal leader of the Democratic Party of Macedonians from Gora, Ismail Bojda said over 30,000 Macedonians live in this area and the Zupa region. 

Nato ... Bucharest 2008 and Chicago 2012

By David Edenden
Good analysis of Nato membership which I generally support but am realistic enough to assume won't happen because of the Greek veto and because the total contempt for Macedonians by the EU and now the Obama administration. They think that Macedonians are the "white Niggers of the Balkans".
Macedonia - another Bucharest in Chicago? | TransConflict | Transform, Transcend, Translate - TransConflict Serbia:


Macedonia – another Bucharest in Chicago?

Posted on March 9th, 2012 in the category Macedonia by TransConflictSubscribe to the transconflict RSS feed
With the International Court of Justice having ruled that Greece had violated the Interim Accord by blocking Macedonia’s bid to join NATO in 2008 in Bucharest, will the same scenario be repeated at the forthcoming NATO Summit in Chicago?
By Jana Lozanoska
Prior to Bucharest, the pressure was – as is typically the case – on the Macedonian side. The build-up to Bucharest seemed more like dictation than real negotiations. Whilst Greece has never had anything to lose, Macedonia’s collective identity is challenged with every concession made. A similar situation exists today ahead of the NATO Summit in Chicago this May, except with one important additional argument in support of the Macedonian position; namely, the judgement rendered by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
A closer analysis of official Greek attitudes before and after Bucharest demonstrates their apparent irrationality, particularly the decision to invoke the so-called “right to historic exclusivity” in order to make a physical distinction between the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and ancient Macedonia. The Republic of Macedonia is already an established member of the international community, with defined borders and a defined political, economic and cultural system. Any parallelism, therefore, with ancient Macedonia is difficult to comprehend, making arguments about territorial pretensions irrelevant. The Greek position also ignores the fact that this distinction is already present in the constitutional name – the Republic of Macedonia.
Is it, therefore, actually possible for opinions to converge ahead of the upcoming NATO Summit; and if so, on which grounds and arguments? The official Macedonian position is that negotiations should be conducted, despite the strict Greek position on the matter. Indeed, recent developments in the latter – particularly the financial crisis and the involvement of nationalistic far right parties, banned since the end of the civil war, in the new government – further complicate matters.
An agreement would have to be reached on two issues – the wording of the name and the extent of its use (whether it will be used internationally, only bilaterally with Greece or some other combination) – but the two parties diverge significantly. In light of the current visit of the UN mediator, Matthew Nimitz, one has to see what kind of proposal will be tabled. Bearing in mind the overall approach of Nimitz thus far, there is little optimism that it will reflect the Macedonian position. The extent of the use of the name – especially Greece’s insistence on international use – prompts many legal implications, none of which are in the interest of Macedonia, especially since it has already been recognized under its constitutional name by 133 UN member states.
Considering all of the above, the question that arises is whether the Bucharest scenario will be repeated if there is no solution to the name issue?  This is particularly relevant given the authoritative ruling of the ICJ, which concluded that Greece violated Article 11(1) of the Interim Accord by blocking Macedonia’s bid to join NATO in 2008 in Bucharest.  The only clear responsibility that the Greek side undertook by signing the Interim Accord was not to object to Macedonia’s entrance into international and regional organisations.
The Court also confirmed that the negotiations prior to the Bucharest summit were conducted in good faith, so this could not be employed as a excuse for blocking Macedonia’s bid to join NATO. Furthermore, the Court dismissed all grounds invoked by Greece – including the re-naming of the airport and history textbooks – as a justification for the Bucharest blockage. Moreover, the Court also stated that if the party in this case, Greece, has been found to have already violated the bilateral agreement, it is expected that it would not repeat such a violation and will perform its obligations in good faith.
Greece, however, might resort to abusing the consensual manner of decision-making in NATO; one of the greatest drawbacks of the system of collective security. It is not clear which arguments Greece will put forward to secure support from other NATO member states. Even in 2008, few substantive arguments existed, particularly as Macedonia fulfilled the criteria envisaged in the Membership Action Plan. In that sense, it might be expected that other states would pressure Greece to withdraw its rigid position or will exercise solidarity with it.
This latter course, however, is not devoid of problems since NATO – although not bound directly by the ruling of the ICJ – has to work and operate according to the principles and purposes of UN. Respecting the judgement is, indirectly, part and parcel of these principles and purposes. Another enforcement mechanism available to the Republic of Macedonia within the framework of the UN Charter is to refer the matter to Security Council.
Whilst the position of Macedonia has improved, active measures are now required to promote its arguments ahead of the NATO Summit in Chicago. The ICJ’s ruling and its insistence that Greece not repeat such a violation, but instead act in good faith, underpins Macedonia’s bid to pursue membership in NATO.  A passive approach and declarative phrases, however, do little to advance Macedonia’s position both with respect to NATO and UN member states. More aggressive and precise diplomacy is therefore urgently required.
Jana Lozanoska, LL.M, is a freelance consultant and former Director of the Center for Democracy and Security in Euro-Balkan Institute.
For further reading about Macedonia, please refer to TransConflict’s Macedonia reading list by clicking here.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

No Albanian Street Names in Skopje, Until Macedonian Village Names are Restored in Greece!

By David Edenden

  say yes to  street names in Skopje only when  village names in  are restored. ICG = Vampires

Skopje Mulls Call For Albanian Street Names

If ethnic Albanian parties in Macedonia get their way, the capital may soon get its first batch of streets renamed after Albanian heroes.
Sinisa Jakov Marusic

Ron Paul, The US is Borrowing Money From China to Insult Macedonians in their Own Country

By David Edenden

US diplomats have their heads so far up their butts, that it is considered NOT passing strange that the US embassy in Macedonia decided to unleash a campaign to tutor Macedonians on how to behave in their own country ... because ... you know... the US is EXCEPTIONAL and Macedonians are just a bunch of NIGGERS without an ethnicity, language, culture and history.
This would NOT be a big deal, and I would NOT be sooo upset, were it not for the fact US Ambassador Paul Wohlers (also here) is strutting around Macedonia, like a cock of the walk, urging Macedonians to negotiate with Greece to voluntarily wipe themselves off the map in a reversal of the Bush policy of "let Macedonia be Macedonia". (also see here)
In addition, Vampires or  "US-GFO's" (US Government Funded Organizations) such as Sabine Freizer Gunes (ICG - Internationals Crisis Group) and Barbara Frye (Transitions Online,) in what seems to be an orchestrated campaign to denigrate and subvert Macedonia in aid of ... I don't know what.
Finally, when all is said and done ... Samantha Power ... I am APPALLED , but not shocked.
PUTIN: COME TO MACEDONIA! We need 99 missiles to protect us from IRAN!

Campaign of the American Embassy offend public:
Utrinski Vesnik, (Google translation)

"You're not fish," - a strange ad of the U.S. Embassy. Campaign in combination of two citizens compare with several animals, despite good intentions, may offend the audience
Nahum Kotevski

Campaign for the rule of law - "Obey the law! For the common good "of the American Embassy in Macedonia is in full swing. Through media and billboards, the citizens are pointing to the necessity of respecting the laws, which they actively participated in improving the overall social life. 

The message is straightforward, and for someone and harsh: "If you have not I do to be nice, always will be bad." Honesty and commitment of the U.S. Embassy for more just social system is not disputed. But the specific way it is packaged justified marketingshki project. Namely, to indicate the importance of change awareness in ads, created by advertising agency "Futura" it draws a parallel between citizens and the few animals that are represented by thumbnails.

"Children are not calves!Enroll your child in school ".
"You're not fish shut up! Prevent domestic violence ".
"Do not hide like a snake! Report this tax ".
"You're not a pig! Respect the law cleaner Macedonia ".
"You're not a parrot talk freely! Say your opinion ".
"Respect those who work as bees!Worry about the rights of workers ".
"You think you're sly as a fox! Prevent corruption ".

These are the seven ads that, despite the good intention of "Futura" and the American Embassy, ​​some citizens say they contain messages pezhorativno importance. "The campaign is okay, but really insulting my child to compare calf or us adults to compare with pigs and snakes. The comparison is obscene. We know that we are aware of our shortcomings, "the reaction of disgruntled citizens.

Unkovski Philip, the head of the agency "Futura" is not considered that the campaign is offensive and that a radical approach. "I am glad to have comments. This means that the campaign initiated public discussion and that we were able to encourage people to think about these topics.

Campaign openly discuss specific problems in our society a clear and direct way. The goal is to develop greater awareness and create some issues related to our behavior, "says Unkovski, which reveals that in shaping the agency's campaign was led by some major themes of the rule of law, defined and identified by citizens as troubled by polls. komunikologot Vesna Sopar, however, deviates from the established line of Unkovski but a similar post with the dissatisfied audience for this sensitive issue. "At first glance, when you see the ad remain confused. I agree with citizens who are born a feeling of annoyance. When we're making jokes and jokes of his own account is one thing but when someone does something completely different. There are jokes about blondes, the police, as one which asks what the policeman in front aquarium, followed by a quick response - same as fish. However, when it will see quite billboards can really offended, "said Sopar. She adds that the idea of the American Embassy can eventually generate a negative effect.

"The basic rule is that ad anywhere to be honest. It is by definition provokes emotions of people. But if you do not take account of its conformity with the people that is intended, that correspond to their culture, can have the opposite effect. Instead attention can distract, "emphasized Sopar.Yesterday contacted by American Embassy, ​​but did not receive a response or comment to our questions about the design of the campaign Ron Paul,

President Ivanov: NATO to explain why it disrespects ICJ ruling :: EMG :: SEE news

President Ivanov: NATO to explain why it disrespects ICJ ruling :: EMG :: SEE news:

He said that yesterday's statements of US Ambassador Paul Wohlers and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen pointed out that the agenda of forthcoming Summit in Chicago did not include the organization's enlargement.

"We nonetheless hope and expect for what was done in Bucharest to be corrected, because Greece had misled the other members, refusing its consent to (Macedonia's) admission in spite of its obligations under the Interim Accord - to respect its agreements with us and the international community. The US was the guarantor that under the interim reference (Macedonia) would be entitled to join international organizations. The US should respond why it gave up in Bucharest," Ivanov said.

He also considers that NATO should explain why it doesn't respect the judgment of The Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ), which clearly says that a mistake was being made at Bucharest Summit.

Monday, March 05, 2012

MINA Breaking News - Janissary Traianos Dellas/Nedelkov may enter Greek Parliament

By David Edenden
This is very sad reading and an illustration of why Macedonians (in Greece) are soooo divided in many incomprehensible ways. This person probably took his children to the anti-Macedonian demonstrations in the 1990's in Thessaloniki (Solon) where people chanted "death to Slavic Gypsy pigs". His children probably never knew that they probably had cousins across the Macedonian border.
I blame Nato/EU because Greek values equal Nato/EU values by definition. 
Traianos has been offered an MP seat with the LAOS party which is the neo-Nazi party and part of the current Greek coalition. 
Steven Spielberg ... great movie material here. Anti-Semite and Macedonian traitor to his own people ... I hope it will have a happy ending.

MINA Breaking News - Janissary Traianos Dellas/Nedelkov may enter Greek Parliament:

Janissary Traianos Dellas/Nedelkov may enter Greek ParliamentPDFPrintE-mail
Thursday, 01 March 2012

According to information coming out of Athens, there will be another ethnic Macedonian that is likely to enter Greek Parliament. It's famous football player Traianos Dellas, whose original last name is Nedelkov and is well known for his hatred towards Macedonia despite both of his parents being ethnic Macedonians. 'Dellas' grew up speaking Macedonian, but today similarly to former PM Karamanlis is the biggest "Greek" of all.
However, Dellas would not be the only ethnic Macedonian MP in Athens. Another Macedonian MP in Greek Parliament is Aggelos Tolkas, who just few days ago was attacked at a Restaurant in Negush (Naoussa) for voting 'yes' for Greece's austerity measures. The mob attacked mostly his food, according to local reports Tolkas had his meal stolen.

Tolkas' family hails from Veshtica (Agelohori) where the main language spoken is Macedonian. He too, just like his family speaks Macedonian. During the election campaign, when needing votes, Tolkas was known to visit Macedonian villages in the Negush region and mingle with locals who in turn saw him as "their own".

Tolkas was very clever and spoke Macedonian only when needed, i.e. when he needed votes for Parliament. He never was involved or helped ethnic Macedonians who waged battles in and outside of Greek Parliament for more rights. His re-election is now very much in doubt. Greeks saw him as a sell out, while the Macedonians were very disappointed with his attitude towards them once he was elected.

Although Tolkas was of no help to the Macedonians, he was no match for another ethnic Macedonian Stelious Papathemelis who was one of the most famous jannisary against the Macedonians in Greece.
Papathemelis was born in the village of Visoka, near Solun. In 1928 Athens ironically changed the name of the village by giving it another Macedonian name (Osa).
Papathemelis was a Minister in multiple PASOK Governments. His most famous statement is "If Skopjans feel they are Macedonians, then they are Greeks, only Greeks are Macedonians". <-- This came from an ethnic Macedonian in Greece.

Papathemelos was replaced by another ethnic Macedonian, Yorgos Tanos who was born in the village of Javoreni (Platani). More Macedonians from the Voden and Lerin (Florina) region were involved in Greek politics - Traianos Petkanis born in Ovcarani and Pavlos Altinis from Gorno Vrbeni, however none managed to climb higher on the ladder.
The Mayor of Lerin (Florina) today, Yiannis Voskopoulos is by far the most interesting case of all. He is first cousin of none other but Pavle Filipov Voskopoulos who is the leading Macedonian activist in Greece and member of Vinozhito.

Pavle, of course has stated publicly on many occasions that he is an ethnic Macedonian, has even gotten few minutes of air time on Greek national TV. Yiannis on the other hand speaks fluent Macedonian (just like his cousin) and has stated publicly that he is a Greek and there is no such thing as Macedonians.

Talk about a man without a soul!?
Lastly, footballer Traianos Dellas/Nedelkov, another ethnic Macedonian who is well known to the Macedonian public after controversial remarks at a press conference during UEFA Cup match between AS Roma and FC Vardar.
When asked about his origins by a Macedonian journalist (in Macedonian), Dellas/Nedelkov didn't wait for a translation, but answered that he was Greek and is aware of only 'Greek Macedonia'.
Traianos has been offered an MP seat with the LAOS party, so we may have another Macedonian Janissary in Greek Parliament. It seems that everyone, Dellas included will end up where they need to end up. //Mile Velkovski, contributor - Jorgos Papadakis

Macedonian Albanians Protest Over Police Killing :: Balkan Insight

By David Edenden

Stop police impunity in Macedonia before it leads to more ethnic tensions after 2 deaths in Gostivar:
SabineICG and I both don't know what happened. She: police have license to kill  Me:  wants to destroy Macedonia,
The International Crisis Group is not our friend. They are a nest of vampires!

Macedonian Albanians Protest Over Police Killing :: Balkan Insight:

Thousands of ethnic Albanian protested in Gostivar, expressing anger over the police shooting of two young men and accusing the police of trying to downplay the gravity of the incident. Windows were broken and a police vehicle attacked after the rally, which passed off calmly.
The trouble started on Tuesday when an ethnic Macedonian police officer from Gostivar, while off duty, shot dead two ethnic Albanians in the town in unexplained circumstances.
Jakim Trifunovski, 39, was arrested the next day and a court ordered his 30-day detention.
But the police version of events - that he was attacked by a gang and opened fire in self-defence - was disputed by an eyewitness, sparking discontent among the Albanians who make a quarter of the country’s population and dominate Gostivar.
Police initialy said Trifunovski shot Imran Mehmet, 29, and Besnik Shehapi, 26, in self-defence. They said he was first attacked by four persons while parking his car outside his home in the presence of his young daughter.
But someone calling himself an eyewitness told Alsat M TV that the suspect killed the two young men in a banal feud over a parking space. According to this version, the suspect, after receiving a slap in the face, reached for his gun and blasted the two men.
“If the police fail to apologize and withdraw their claims that the policeman fired in self-defence, we will continue and intensify the protests,” one speaker told the rally in Gostivar.
lthough supported by prominent Albanians and by the Gostivar municipality, no group formally took credit for organizing the protest, which started before the town courthouse and proceeded to the main square. During the march shouts could be heard calling for revenge on “Slavo-Macedonians” and backing “great Albania”
"“Slavo-Macedonian” is a derogatory term for the country's Macedonian majority.

On Wednesday the US Ambassador to Macedonia, Paul Wohlers, asked for an investigation and urged people to await the judicial process with calm. On Thursday the OSCE office in Skopje delivered a similar message."
(Edenden: Paul Wohlers, why not call the ICC to investigate then ignore its recommendations?)