The Macedonian Tendency: Albanian Macedonians and the Demonstrations in Kosovo

Friday, March 02, 2007

Albanian Macedonians and the Demonstrations in Kosovo

BIRN is one of the many pseudo-rights organizations bunny hopping across the Balkans causing more trouble than they can dream of. This article can be filed under "Hey, Albanians you got what you want, don't give us anymore grief"! Some good information, but the tone does not ring true to me.

"Macedonian Albanians gave a cool response to the announcement of Kosovo’s radical Vetevendosje (Self-determination) movement that it intends to open branch offices in neighbouring Macedonia.

The activities of the nationalist group became an issue in Macedonia following reports that Macedonian Albanians took part in the February 10 Vetevendosje rally in Pristina that ended in two deaths and many injuries.

“We have offices worldwide so why shouldn't we have one in Macedonia?” Glauk Konjufca, Vetevendosje activist, told Balkan Insight.

“We already have activists in Macedonia contributing towards Vetevendosje’s goal, which is the right of the people to self-determination,” he added.

Konjufca’s numerous statements about opening an office in the mainly Albanian town of Tetovo, site of the Southeast European University, have raised questions concerning the repercussions of such a move.

The announcement has yet to encounter much support from Macedonian Albanian parties, intellectuals or students, or from Kosovars studying in Tetovo.

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