The Macedonian Tendency: The Road to Partition

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Road to Partition

When the EU treats the elected Macedonian government as not quite legitimate and then throws itself into the bargaining process, we move closer to civil war and partition. Everyone will be playing to the international community and no one will bother to strike a bargain at home. Their mere presence in Skopje is a destabilizing. (And lets not even talk about the "name issue, minority right in Greece ...etc)

Gruevski-Ahmeti meeting
Makfax vesnik:

Skopje /07/03/ 17:03/19:08

The long-anticipated meeting between the Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski and the leader of the opposition DUI, Ali Ahmeti, is under way, A1 TV station reported.

The talks, held under mediation of international representatives, are attended also by the Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski and PM's Advisor Vlado Popovski. Ahmeti is accompanied by DUI's Vice-President Teuta Arifi and Agron Buxhaku.

According to several sources, the meeting that kicked off Wednesday afternoon is focused on DUI's demands on reshuffling in the ethnic committee, NLA fighters' pensions and voting on approval of Cabinet's composition according to Badinter Principle.

The same sources said that Gruevski has already accepted DUI's demands relating the Committee and adoption of legislation according to Badinter, but has rejected the request for Cabinet endorsement and NLA's pensions.

Gruevski, on his part, demanded from Ahmeti to support the legislation referring to NATO and EU, and return of DUI's deputies in the Parliament.

Upon DUI's request, the meeting is attended also by representatives of the US Embassy in Macedonia and of the EU"

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