The Macedonian Tendency: Venice Commission Speaks

Monday, March 19, 2007

Venice Commission Speaks

I had some bad things to say about the Venice Commission without a great deal of information, but I am sure that after a great deal of analysis, my original impression will still hold.

"Venice Commission Greenlights four Macedonian draft-laws
Makfax vesnik:

Venice /16/03/ 18:48

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe gave positive opinion on the draft-laws on churches, on public prosecution and the electoral code related to voting of Diaspora.

Macedonian Ministry of Justice announced this after today's visit of the Minister Mihajlo Manevski to the Venice Commission, whose opinion is crucial for the European Union.

The assessment of the Commission's experts is that the draft-laws on the statuses of the churches, religious communities and religious groups are in accordance with the international principles and standards.

'As regards the draft-laws on public prosecution office and the council of public prosecutors, the Commission concluded that they represent a good basis for independent and efficient operation of the public prosecutor', Ministry's announcement says.

Some remarks have been made in terms of more detailed defining of the subordination hierarchy as well as specifying of some provisions.

The announcement says that basic support was given to the draft-laws on alterations to the Electoral Code, including entitling of Diaspora a right to vote."

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