The Macedonian Tendency: This is Serious, Not Fishy!

Friday, March 16, 2007

This is Serious, Not Fishy!

Ohrid and this fish are a great asset for future tourism when Macedonia gets its act together. Save the 'Ohrid trout" now!

Diners eating 'ancient' Macedonian trout into extinction
OHRID, Macedonia (AFP)

Praised by chefs around the world and devoured by many a celebrity, the rare trout of Lake Ohrid still graces menus in many Macedonian restaurants, despite being on the edge of extinction.

What's on your wish list?

The 'Ohrid trout,' or Salmo letnica by its scientific name, was identified as unique in 1924, but locals prefer to brand it as 'ancient' since its closest species is only found in fossils.

Its moniker comes from the only body of water in which it is found -- Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest in the world along with Baikal in southeast Russia and Tanganyika in eastern Africa."

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