The Macedonian Tendency: EU Sues Greece Over Rights - "Animal Rights"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

EU Sues Greece Over Rights - "Animal Rights"

By David Edenden

This is an old post from last March, but deserves reprinting. The European Commission has never taken Greece to court for human rights for Macedonians in Greece.
These people are not our friends. However, I am so glad they are taking Greece to court over animal rights. The EC obviously has its priorities straight. Nice! I think that Macedonians in Greece should kidnap a French Poodle, British Bulldog and a German Shepard and then maybe the European Commission would stand up and take notice.

European Commission takes Greece to Court of Justice
Makfax vesnik

Athens/Brussels /21/03/07

The European Commission took Greece to the European Court of Justice for violation of two European laws.

The Greek media reported that the country violated legal obligations on participation of the enterprises in public agreements and on the animal welfare standards.

In the first case, EC found that applied alterations to the national legislation breached the European laws and impeded exercising of the basic freedoms.

In addition, EC found that the animal welfare standards in the country were still marked by persistent shortcomings as Athens has not put in place European Union rules that set a minimum standard for animal welfare in transport and at slaughter."

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