The Macedonian Tendency: Heat Wave!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Heat Wave!

Government adopts measures due to high temperatures
Macedonian Information Agency

Skopje, July 19 (MIA) - Upon the recommendation of the Coordination Body and the Crisis Management Center, the Government adopted late Wednesday measures for reduction of harmful effects on citizens' health in the next few days, said Health Minister Imer Selmani at Thursday's press conference.

The measures foresee introduction of shortened working hours, which now stands at six, until the next Government decision, while health institutions that treat individuals of vulnerable groups should keep temperature under 26C in all facilities if possible.

Employees working indoors and not directly exposed to the Sun are to work from 07,00h to 13,00h, while those working outdoors and directly exposed to the Sun should work from 07,00h to 11,00h and 18,00h to 20,00h, while pregnant women should be exempt from work during the high temperatures.

Health Minister Selmani stressed that measures are mandatory for the state and public administration, and act as recommendations for the business and civil sector.

According to information from the Hydro-meteorological Office, temperatures would exceed 41C during the next week.

'This is sufficient for us to undertake measures in order to prevent negative phenomena on citizens' health', underlined Minister Selmani. ik/f"

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