The Macedonian Tendency: ‘A Short History of Macedonia’ by Risto Stefov

Friday, July 20, 2007

‘A Short History of Macedonia’ by Risto Stefov

“Grigor Prlichev” Macedonian Literary Association is pleased to announce the publishing of the book ‘A Short History of Macedonia’ written by Risto Stefov, a historian who lives and works in Canada, but we need your help to make it a success.

The book will be published in the English language and it will thus appeal to young and to mature readers. The 300 page book is printed on a 5A format and has a gloss coloured hard cover. In this abundant source of historical data and facts the author includes drawings and photographs from the entire period of our history.

The publishing of this Macedonian historical text has an enormous significance for the Macedonian community here in Australia and throughout the world. The Macedonian history will be represented in an appropriate and dignified manner and will be distilled from all foreign political and national influences and ideologies.

We ask that Macedonians who lives in Australia makes a contribution towards the cost for the publishing of ‘A History of Macedonia’. You can offer your direct assistance by purchasing in advance a copy of the book or by advertising your business in the book. For only $100 you can purchase 5 copies of the book and a free advertisement. As a donor, your name will be printed in this historical text for eternity and will thus be present in every Macedonian home in Australia.

Send your cheque before 1 August to:
Tthe “Grigor Prlichev” Macedonian Literary Association
PO Box 227, Rockdale NSW 2216. Austrailia

For additional information please cal
Dushan Ristevski - 0 42523 1335;
Ivan Trposki - 9789 2063;
Pero Damcevski - 0 41509 5351

In ‘A Short History of Macedonia’ you will read about:

The Macedonian ancient period during Philip and Alexander the Macedonian

The Christianity in Macedonia

Macedonia during the Byzantine period

King Samoil and his kingdom

Macedonia under the Ottoman empire

The Ilinden uprising and IMRO

The Balkan Wars and the partition of Macedonia by the Greeks, Bulgarians and Serbs

Macedonia during the first and second world wars

The Republic of Macedonia during the period of communist Yugoslavia

The independence of the Republic of Macedonia

The Macedonians in the occupied parts of the Pirin, Aegean and Albanian parts of

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