The Macedonian Tendency: Theodora, We hardly Knew Ye

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Theodora, We hardly Knew Ye

By David Edenden
Theodora (Dora) Grosomanidou
Former Greek Ambassador to The Former ...
Years from now, this episode where Theodora (Dora) Grosomanidou, Greek Ambassador to Macedonia, spoke truth to power and said that Greece should stop the nonsense regarding the "Macedonian name" issue, will be seen, by journalists and historians, as a missed opportunity to promote peace in the Balkans. Great blame will be heaped equally on both parties, but the Greek Issues Caucus, which eggs on the most extreme elements of Greek nationalism will escape all scrutiny. There's the rub!

Greek Ambassador in Macedonia Recalled
Makfax vesnik

Skopje/Athens /10/07/ 13:55

Greece has abruptly recalled its Ambassador to Macedonia, Mrs. Theodora Grosomanidou, upon an executive order signed by Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis.

Last week, the Greek Foreign Ministry summoned Her Excellency Grosomanidou in Athens to clarify her statement for The Financial Times, regarding name dispute between Macedonia and Greece. She was quoted as saying that Greece has to face the new reality, as its neighbor has been recognized under its constitutional name - Macedonia - by more than half of the members of the UN.

According to Ta Nea online newspaper, Bakoyannis was angry at Grosomanidou for giving the interview without asking the Greek government for permission. The same source says the news article was paid by Macedonian government amid its advertising and propaganda campaign.

Mrs Grosomanidou, according to Ta Nea, will be replaced by Greek Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Alexandra Papadopoulou"


  1. Exactly how long are these idiot Greek politicians going to take to accept what Greeks tacitly accepted for all the Tito years when Macedonia was part of the Yugoslav Federation and what the rest of the world accepted years ago??? What Greece loves to call "FYROM" is internationally accepted as being called Macedonia, however much the Greeks bleat about it. Ms Grosomanidou is absolutely right, and yet the Greek Foreign Ministry is ticking her off for telling things as they are. Come on Athens, smell the coffee!!!!!

    How exactly does a Greek or any Greeks have the right to decide how an independent foreign nation calls itself??? A poll published recently in "Το Πρώτο Θέμα" (To Proto Thema) suggested that "more than 80 percent of Greeks would support a veto if Macedonia sought entry under the name "Macedonia" and 61.5 percent if it tried to enter as the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"..." and this would seem to suggest that the Greeks are more a danger to regional peace and future stability than anyone else. Clearly Macedonia is a country looking to establish itself after years of difficulty, and the last thing it needs is a petty-minded EU country next door trying to play the bully. Let us all remember: bullies are usually cowards and retards who think force and macho words win the day. Greek politicians would do well to bear that in mind. I wonder if any of them has been to "Parts of Holland" - in Lincolnshire in the UK???

  2. Bravo, bryan-in-greece.

    All that is absurd.

    Greece for all the Tito years accepted Macedonia as part of the Yugoslav Federation.
    After Macedonia proclamated independence
    Greece changed their mind!