The Macedonian Tendency: PM Gruevski: Says the Right Words

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PM Gruevski: Says the Right Words

PM Gruevski: We will turn Macedonia into a decent living place Monday, 30 July 200

nikola_gruevskiEleven months have passed since this Government has tried to do something to improve the citizens' living standard, enable more quality in life, as well as prevent corruption and crime. These are our main tasks, which we will realize until Macedonia becomes a decent place for living, stressed Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in his address at Sunday's traditional gathering in Trnovo, organized by the Community of Organizations of Ethnic Macedonians exiled from neighboring countries. Gruevski referred to the Government's activities in the economy sector, especially improvement of the general business climate, reminding on the reduction of taxes and bureaucratic procedures.

"We are working on encouraging domestic and foreign investors to come to Macedonia and open new jobs", emphasized PM Gruevski.

He said this is important in the country's preparations for full-fledged NATO and EU membership.

"That is the place where we will be a country without borders, a state without people feeling as second-class citizens, where people will not be told 'no' at every border", stated Prime Minister Gruevski.

He stressed that all undertaken activities are in the function of NATO and EU accession.

"Benefits of NATO and EU membership will soon be felt. When we become part of Europe without borders, Europe in which all Europeans have the same treatment and human rights, humiliations and insults will disappear", added Gruevski.

Welcoming Macedonians from Australia, USA and neighboring countries, PM Gruevski said that nobody would be able to deny Macedonians to an extent that they cease to exist or stop feeling what they are.

"The more they put pressure, the more we are denied, the more they create problems for us, I am certain that the Macedonian within will grow stronger", underlined Gruevski.

Vice Premier Zivko Jankuloski expressed hope that exiled Macedonians would be able to organize such gatherings in their own countries in the upcoming period.

"The Macedonian Government will always support this tradition in Trnovo", added Jankuloski.

Representatives from the party of Macedonians in Greece "Rainbow", "OMO Ilinden-Pirin" from Bulgaria , and "Macedonian Alliance for European Integration" in Albania also addressed the gathering.

A Resolution due to be sent to the European Parliament, EU chair-country Portugal and NATO Headquarters was read at the end of the event.

The Resolution rejects the request of Thessaloniki mayor and other mayors from the Greek part of Macedonia that the European Parliament adopts a resolution for non-recognition of Macedonia's existence.

"Republic of Macedonia does not steal others' historic past. Along with parts in Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, and Serbia in the part of Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia is part of Macedonia's ethnic map and has the full right to call itself Republic of Macedonia, while its people to be called Macedonians. Most of countries worldwide and majority of the UN Security Council member-states have recognized the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name, and therefore we appeal to all MEPs to provide their contribution in the Macedonia's recognition under its constitutional name, thus enabling the country's sooner EU and NATO accession", said president of the Community of Organizations of Ethnic Macedonians exiled from Greece Nikola Kosturski.

The 27th traditional Trnovo gathering was held under motto "No United Europe without Multicultural Balkans"

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