The Macedonian Tendency: US Behind Macedonia (Caution: Don't Bend Over)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

US Behind Macedonia (Caution: Don't Bend Over)

By David Edenden

I don't trust the US. We will have to wait and see when the betrayal come. The line about a "good image as a multi-ethnic society" makes me want to puke. The US has no problem with mono-ethnic totalitarian countries such as Greece and Bulgaria.
Milososki-Rice: US reaffirms support of Macedonia's accession to NATO
July 10 (MIA)

Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki had a meeting Tuesday with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, focused on Macedonia's reform progress towards NATO membership and bilateral relations.
The meeting reaffirmed the US support of Macedonia's accession to NATO, Milososki said.

"We are enjoying the US support in regard to the Adriatic Charter. We have expressed our belief that Macedonia, along with other partner countries, has a capacity to meet all criteria and to become a serious, well-prepared candidate fir NATO membership, ready to accept the invitation next year at the Bucharest Summit", Milososki said.

The US delegation underlined the significance of Macedonia's future results in terms of judicial reforms, combat against corruption and nourishing of the country's good image as multiethnic society and functional democracy.

The Government is ready to do its best and present solid results in all these spheres that will convince NATO members to decide in favor of inviting Macedonia to join NATO at the next summit, he added.

In this respect the US gave credit to Macedonia for its successful organization of the last month Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council Forum in Ohrid, which added to the country's capacity to be part of global events, important to the Alliance.

The US also commended Macedonia's participation in Afghanistan, Iraq peace missions, as well as for its progress in the spheres of economy, creation of favorable investment climate and development of IT society.

The US and Macedonia have identical position on the Kosovo issue. Milososki explained that Macedonia as Kosovo neighbour preferred a settlement of the province's final status than a status-quo situation.

The meeting participants also agreed on the need of encouraging the European Union to offer transparent Euro-perspectives to the entire region and assist in resolving of this last serious matter.

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