The Macedonian Tendency: Tipping Point on "The Name Issue"?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tipping Point on "The Name Issue"?

By David Edenden

I see the "Grosomanidou Affair" as the tipping point when Macedonia's long struggle with Greece succeeds. However, nobody else seems to have noticed. See how little coverage this issue has received by Googling the News.

A purely Greek problem’
Kathimerini, Greece - 16 Jul 2007
Theodora Grosomanidou committed the sin of commenting to a reporter for The Financial Times that “Greece has to face the new reality, as the Former Yugoslav ...
Greek diplomat summoned home over Macedonia comments
Forbes, NY - 6 Jul 2007
'Grosomanidou is here so that the necessary explanations can be given,' Greek foreign ministry spokesman George Koumoutsakos told reporters. ...
Greek Ambassador in Macedonia recalled
Makfax, Macedonia - 10 Jul 2007
Greece has abruptly recalled its Ambassador to Macedonia, Mrs. Theodora Grosomanidou, upon an executive order signed by Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis. ...
Greek FM Bakoyannis dismisses country's ambassador to Macedonia
MRT online, Macedonia - 10 Jul 2007
Head of Greek diplomatic mission to Skopje Dora Grosomanidou has been dismissed from her post by Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis, reports Tuesday Greek ...
Papadopoulos proposes meeting with Talat over reunification
Kathimerini, Greece - 10 Jul 2007
Greece’s ambassador to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Dora Grosomanidou, summoned to Athens last week to explain her suggestion that ...
Diplomat in FYROM faux pas
Kathimerini, Greece - 7 Jul 2007
“Ms Grosomanidou is here so that the necessary explanations can be given,” ministry spokesman Giorgos Koumoutsakos said. “At this point, there is no talk of ...
Greece demands explanation from its ambassador in Macedonia
Makfax, Macedonia - 6 Jul 2007
Greek Ambassador in Skopje Theodora Grosomanidou has been summoned in Athens to clarify her statement for Financial Times regarding Macedonia's name. ...

Greek diplomat summoned over name
PRESS TV, Iran - 6 Jul 2007
... by more than half of the members of the United Nations," Dora Grosomanidou, the head of the Greek mission in Macedonia, told the Financial Times. ...

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