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Monday, July 02, 2007

Politecon Publishers in Austrailia

Pollitecon Publications has updated its web site including a number of
new, free articles.

The Life in Aegean Macedonia section has a new free report:
The Human Rights Situation of Macedonians in Greece and Australia:
Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence
and Trade: Human Rights Sub-Committee

This extensive report was submitted to the Australian Government by the
Aegean Macedonian Association of Australia in 1993 and the text is now
available in its original format. The report is as relevant as when it
was first submitted.

The report is at

The Macedonian Communities Around The World section continues to develop
and has been updated with several new places and includes a growing
number of links and contact details, especially for Australia. The link
for Northern NSW includes a link to a history of the Macedonians in the
northern NSW region.


The Reprints section features the reprinting of the Makedonska Iskra
newspaper from 1946 to 1957. The reprint is now complete, and of the 105
editions of Makedonska Iskra that were originally published, 102 have
been reprinted. Only three editions are missing: January 1953, June 1955
and December 1955.

The project took just over one year to complete, and required Pollitecon
to upgrade the hosting for its web site to accommodate the nearly 500
images and more than 200 megabytes of data.

On behalf of Pollitecon Publications, I would like to thank the
following people for their work on the project:
Michael Veloskey of Sydney for making the original newspapers available;
Blagoja Stojanovski of Melbourne who provided photocopies of four
missing editions;
Lubi Uzunovski of Toronto, who runs the MakNews web site, for his
technical advice on how to best present the images; and
Ye Xin Liu and Simon Yang, my two editorial assistants, for their work
in photocopying, scanning, preparing and uploading the many hundreds of

Makedonska Iskra can be accessed at

The Essays section has been updated with three speeches:
The Speech for the Launch of A Girl Form Neret,
The Speech for the Launch of From War to Whittlesea,
The Speech for the Launch in Sydney of The Descendants of Alexander The
Great of Macedon, by author Alexander Donski.
There is also a radio interview with myself on the occasion of the
recent visit to Australia by the Greek prime minister.

The speeches and interview are at:

The Links section includes a new and growing section of links to Books
And Sites By Other Publishers. Among these are four free books on the
history of the Balkans by the Southeast European Joint History Project.


And I am pleased to say that Pollitecon's newest book, A Girl From
Neret, is selling very well and I have received many excellent comments from

Information about the book is at

Finally, Pollitecon has several other book manuscripts in process along
with a new free reprint of a book under way and these should be ready
later this year.

Thank you for your continued interest.

Yours faithfully

Victor Bivell
Pollitecon Publications
PO Box W102
Abbotsford NSW 2046 Australia

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