The Macedonian Tendency: New Biodiesel Factory Opens in Macedonia

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Biodiesel Factory Opens in Macedonia

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Skopje, July 12 (MIA) - Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and "Makpetrol" Steering Board Chairman Andreja Josifovski officially put into operation Thursday bio-diesel factory of company "Makpetrol" in Ilinden municipality near Skopje.

"Makpetrol" has invested Euro 8 million in equipment in the bio-refinery, with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons. Total investment is worth Euro 12 million.

"The opening of this bio-refinery marks the inclusion of 'Makpetrol' in the investment cycle in Macedonia. I hope that other domestic companies will follow their example", said Prime Minister Gruevski, adding that bio-diesel is one of the important products for the country's sustainable development.

According to him, bio-diesel production opens possibilities for agricultural development through stimulation of production and buyout of raw materials for its production, benefits car owners, as well as ecology due to the smaller gas emissions.

"In perspective, development of bio-diesel production industry will help the reduction of Macedonia's trade deficit through reduction of fossil fuels import, as well as increase of bio-diesel export at foreign markets", stated PM Gruevski, adding that use of bio-diesel is a trend in European Union countries, with a projected increase of its use to 15 percent of total fuels by 2015.

"I want to underline that the commitment, efforts and numerous measures implemented by the Government for improvement of the investment climate and development of the private sector, including reduction of taxes and customs fees, improvement of Cadastre work, competition in the finance sector, reduction and simplification of regulations, infrastructure modernization, as well as qualified personnel already bear fruits", said Gruevski.

"Makpetrol" official Josifovski stressed that the bio-refinery production is completely automated and in line with European standards. It employs young experts, while squeezed beet oil is used as raw material for production.

"The 30,000 ton production will fully meet domestic requirements, while certain amount will be exported. This factory is a proof that 'Makpetrol' follows global energy trends", said Josifovski, adding that the company plans to invest in the ecology sector in the future.
The refinery will produce bio-fuel in compliance with global standard EN 14214, enabling its mixing with fossil diesel fuel.

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