The Macedonian Tendency: Thaci threat bad precedent for region

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thaci threat bad precedent for region

By Preljubiste

Hacim Thaci and Agim Ceku on July 13th threatened to declare independence for Kosovo no matter what the UN Security Council does. This is a really bad precedent if he and the Kosovo leaders are allowed to get away with it. Why?

For one, many Hot Spots around the globe will follow suit. The breakaway regions of Georgia, the never-ending issue of Kurdistan, the Taiwan issue and we can go on. But right there in the Balkans you have two big issues- Republika Srpska in Bosnia and the Tetovo-Gostivar-Debar-and half of Kumanovo region in Macedonia. Each wants to break away and join their neighbors. If Kosovo is allowed to do this, with the help of the United States, then it surely will destabilize the region.

For the U.S. it is simple, you promised Kosovars independence. But, at the same time you promised the territorial integrity of Macedonia. So what are you going to do if a conflict breaks out? From what we saw in 2001, it is not very reassuring for Macedonians that you will side with them. Many feel betrayed after Bush made the declaration that Kosovo must be independent. It will be an interesting couple of months and we will see if Thaci and Ceku's threat materializes into anything. A unilateral recognition of Kosovo by the United States will be a farce no matter what the situation.

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