The Macedonian Tendency: Montenegrin: Another Langugage in the Balkans

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Montenegrin: Another Langugage in the Balkans

Montenegrin becomes official language in Montenegro
Makfax vesnik:

Podgorica /31/07/ 12:19

The Constitutional Commission of the Montenegrin Parliament adopted the draft-constitution that makes the Montenegrin an official language in Montenegro.

The opposition parties did not attend the session of the Constitutional Commission, claiming that the government was unwilling to reach an agreement on the state's highest act.

'It's obvious that there is no agreement with the government regarding the constitution. The authorities turned down all our proposals over the contents and the process of adopting the constitution, and we have been forced to such move,' said Zoran Zhizhic, a Representative of pro-Serbian bloc of parties.

The parties failed to reach an agreement on the Church and state insignia. The draft-constitution is unlikely to single out the religious communities.

The new constitution will be adopted if backed by two-thirds majority in parliament. If the parliament fails to adopt the constitution, the country will hold a referendum.

Podgorica proclaimed independence last year following the referendum at which more than 55% of voters supported the break-up of Serbia-Montenegro, which was the last remnant of the former Yugoslavia /end/"

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