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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Macedonia and the EU

EU lawmakers to debate on Macedonia report
Makfax vesnik: "

Strasbourg /11/07/ 08:34

European Parliament today will debate the report on Macedonia's progress in 2006, drafted by Dutch MEP Erik Meijer.

The MEPs are expected to give their opinion through a vote Thursday on the issue. The vote will be crucial for assessment on Macedonia's progress toward EU membership and the starting date for EU accession talks.

The key prerequisite is the political maturity of the government and the opposition in Macedonia, electronic media in Strasbourg said on Tuesday.

Macedonian delegation, comprised of Parliament Vice-President Ivan Anastasovski, MPs Aleksandar Spasenovski, Vlado Buckovski, Agron Buxhaku and Slobodan Najdovski, is in Strasbourg for meetings with EU lawmakers.

They will meet with the Chairwoman of the European Parliament's Delegation for South-East Europe Doris Pack, European Parliament Vice-President Miguel Angel Martinez, the Foreign Affairs Committee's Rapporteur Erik Meijer and the shadow Rapporteur Angelica Ber.

Before the vote on the report, Macedonian delegation members will meet with the EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn. /end/"

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