The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonian Restaurateurs in Toronto

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Macedonian Restaurateurs in Toronto

Lecture by Harry Vjekoslav Herman
A Study of Ethnicity and Occupations
Macedonian Restaurant Owners in Toronto Sunday, February 26th , 2006
Macedonian History - Canadian Macedonian Historical Society:

Men in White Aprons by Harry Vjekoslav Herman The domination of a particular type of occupation by one ethnic group is a phenomenon, which has been observed by many anthropologists. Harry Herman reported on his 1978 study of "Men in White Aprons": A Study of Ethnicity and Occupation. In the lecture Professor Herman explained how he went about researching material for the development of the book, which originally was prepared for his Master's dissertation. He acknowledged the success of his research to the cooperation of many Torontonians of Macedonian descent like Zorka Basil who was also at the lecture. Professor Herman focused on the concentration of Macedonian immigrants in the restaurant industry in Toronto. His main objectives were to explain the reasons for this occupational concentration, to see how it evolved and to point out its consequences for the immigrants and for their children. The political, economic and social history of Macedonian emigration and the social and economic climate in Canada at the time of their arrival was also presented. The lecture ended with engaging questions on the nature of ethnicity and how Macedonians integrated into the social and economic life of Canada. John Thomas, president of the society presented Professor Herman with an honorarium and thanked all those who attended the lecture.

The society is presently working on re-printing "Men in White Aprons" and would like to add pictures to the new edition. Anyone who has a pre-1930's picture of a Macedonian restaurant, please scan and send it to us via an e-mail attachment and include a brief description (who/what/when/where).

Professor Harry Vjekoslav Herman
Professor Harry Vjekoslav Herman

Men in White Aprons Lecture
Men in White Aprons Lecture

Zorka Basil asks a Question as Virginia Stoymenoff Listens Attentively
Zorka Basil asks a Question as Virginia Stoymenoff Listens Attentively

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