The Macedonian Tendency: No Equal Time for Macedonians in Globe and Mail

Thursday, July 19, 2007

No Equal Time for Macedonians in Globe and Mail

By David Edenden
This is how the world works. I once tried to have an op-ed published in the Globe and Mail in the early 1990's about the Greek embargo against Macedonia. After a few annoying phone calls, a very nice editorial assistant admitted that it would not be published because "the Greeks", whenever a sympathetic story appeared about Macedonia, had a phone bank which constantly phoned the Globe tying up its phone lines.
So don't expect any rebuttal op-ed piece to appear to this incoherent mess of an article. Vasil Yankov had his letter published in a letter to the editor. Here's a response from the United Macedonians.

What's in a name? Blood, if it's Macedonia
Chair of Hellenic studies at Simon Fraser University "

Last month, Liberal MP Lui Temelkovski introduced a private member's bill that called for Canada to recognize the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as the Republic of Macedonia. This seemingly innocuous bill raised nary an eyebrow in Ottawa. Yet, the name change is a potential source of regional conflict. For 16 years, Canadian governments have stayed clear of Macedonian politics and avoided contributing to such a crisis."

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