The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonian Soldiers to Soldier on in Iraq!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Macedonian Soldiers to Soldier on in Iraq!

DM Elenovski met US Department of State officials
Macedonian Information Agency

DM Elenovski met US Department of State officials

Skopje, July 16 (MIA) - The current situation in Iraq and the achieved progress of the Republic of Macedonia in this period were the topics of discussion between the Macedonian Defence Minister Lazar Elenovski and Lawrence Butler, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs and Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Coalition Affairs.

At the meeting they exchanged views on participation of the Macedonian troops in Operation Iraqi Freedom since 2003 contributing in stabilisation and democratisation of the country.

Minister Elenovski emphasised that the Republic of Macedonia will continue to participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom and together with the US will share the values, which are the real path to build and spread them throughout the world.

- The US will continue to support the Republic of Macedonia in integration to NATO. This is the position of the US Government and people which is unchanged and will not be changed additionally because based on mutual democratic values which we share as people and states are directed towards the same goal and at the same time we share the challenges and problems, Macedonian DM Elenovski said after the meeting.

He said that US support is one of the most important which is necessary for us especially prior to the NATO Summit in Bucharest next year. This will probably result in invitation for membership of the Republic of Macedonia to NATO, Elenovski said.

Butler, expressing gratitude for the Macedonian contribution for the peace and stability in Iraq, pointed out that the US will remain in close contacts until the operation in Iraq lasts.

- Macedonian troops in Iraq proved very well and the impression is very positive, Butler said.

Answering the journalist question he informed that he travels with his colleagues from Pentagon in a regular consultation with their partners because they consider that it is very important to inform the countries on latest political moves of their government.

Butler and Cagan will visit Tirana on Tuesday, on Wedensday they will visit Sarajevo, in Sofia are expected to arrive on Friday and on Monday they will be in Mongolia.

The US delegation led by Butler and Cagan will meet with members of the parliament Vladimir Gjorcev and Ruzdi Matoshi. sk/fd/13:20

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