The Macedonian Tendency: Ancient Macedonians vs Greeks (Round 321)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ancient Macedonians vs Greeks (Round 321)

By David Edenden,

This documentary was made before the current round of the Macedonian - Greek dispute which started with the independence of Macedonia in 1991

In the film, the distinction between Macedonians and Greeks, their political system, mentality and culture are clearly displayed. Greek and foreign historians regard Macedonians as a distinct nation from the ancient Greeks.

We would like to thank the Greek government at that time, Greece archaeological site director and team leaders, the Greek national museums, and their English friends for making this film possible


  1. South MacedonianWednesday, July 18, 2007


    Due to the fragmentary attestation various interpretations are possible.[2] The suggested historical interpretations of Macedonian include:[3]

    * a Greek dialect, part of the North-Western (Locrian, Aetolian, Phocidian, Epirote) variants of Doric Greek , suggested by N.G.L. Hammond (1989) and O. Masson (1996).[4][5]

    * a northern Greek dialect, related to Aeolic Greek and Thessalian, suggested among others by A.Fick (1874) and O.Hoffmann (1906).[4][6]

    * a Greek dialect mixed with Illyrian languages or the Thracian language, suggested by Kretschmer (1896) and E. Schwyzer (1959).
    * a Greek dialect with a non-Indo-European substratal influence, suggested by M. Sakellariou (1983).
    * an "Illyrian" dialect mixed with Greek, suggested by K. O. Müller (1825) and by G. Bonfante (1987).
    * an Indo-European language which is a close cousine to Greek and also related to Thracian and Phrygian languages, suggested by A. Meillet (1913) and I. I. Russu (1938)
    macedonian language

    Ancient Macedonians were either

    Dorian Greeks or hellenized


    Where is the evidence

    of Slavicized Macedonians later?

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