The Macedonian Tendency: Books on the Macedonians of Greece

Monday, July 02, 2007

Books on the Macedonians of Greece

Life In Aegean Macedonia
Books on the Macedonians of Greece
Pollitecon Publications

Edited by Victor Bivell

Life in Aegean Macedonia is an online, ongoing book about Aegean Macedonia - its people, politics, culture, history, and diaspora, among other themes. The focus is on quality work that illustrates the life of the region's native Macedonian population.

Original contributions are welcome. Material should be previously unpublished, and may be articles, essays, reminiscences, academic papers, or other format.

The Human Rights Situation of Macedonians in Greece and Australia, a Submission by the Aegean Macedonian Association of Australia to the Australian Government

A Life in Macedonian Affairs - Interview with Mick Veloskey

About the Hellenization of Southern (Aegean) Macedonia - A Review of 'Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood', by Antonio Milososki

My First Step Abroad, by Micho Stefanovski

My First Visit To My Birthplace, The Village Neret Near Lerin in Aegean Macedonia, by Atanas Strezovski

The Migrant Experience: From Village to Suburb, by Alexander Glafchev"

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